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    Hey guys,

    so basically ive been a DL since i began puberty at around 11, one thing i never noticed is how much i enjoy dry diapers.
    see i always wore for sexual pleasure, so whenever i wore i would wet and/or mess straight away so while i wore alot 99% of the time i would have used them in the first minute or two. the times i didnt would have been if i was doing the banana as poop thing or shower gel and water ( idk how it works but it makes your diaper super squishy)

    so its not until recently ive worn without using, im not sure why im suddenly enjoying this, i think it has something to do with the awakening of my "little" side. anyone else feel like this, idk i think diapers have grown from a fetish to being a lifestyle choice now, like it less about getting off and more just enjoying life while padded. so either comment if this has happened to you because i wonder if people get me, also i want to know what a dry diaper means to you. to me its a less aggressive way to enjoy my self and its more relaxing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joehiddenabdl View Post
    so its not until recently ive worn without using, im not sure why im suddenly enjoying this,
    at least your stash usually lasts longer!

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    It's nice to appreciate a different aspect of your interest, I think. Personally, I like both. Dry diapers are comfy and feel really good on the skin, but wet diapers are thicker, warm, and squishy so they're both good in different ways.

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    I keep my diapers dry more often than not. That, together with the fact that I mainly wear cloth diapers, means my stash lasts me quite a while!

    But I like a wet diaper too. Wet disposables, especially, have a wonderful squishy feeling to them.

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    A dry diaper usually means I just changed out of a wet one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bambinod View Post
    at least your stash usually lasts longer!
    I wear nightly and when out during the cool months, but only use one night per week before trash day. AIO with two cloth and one disposable doublers and plastic pants some nights when not using, Bellissimos with either a disposable doubler or Parents Choice #6 and plastic pants when using. Long live my stash!

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    I like both. A dry diaper provides a softness that I like next to my penis. But I also like the feeling of a wet (and sometimes, messy) diaper.

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