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Thread: May have become a bedwetter

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    Default May have become a bedwetter

    For the past several years, yes years, I've worn 24/7 nearly 100% of the time, including to sleep. During that time, I've wet in my sleep a handful of times, sometimes twice in a week or 3 or 4 times in a month.

    Until the last three days. I've gone to in a dry, fresh diaper. I've woken up in the morning in a cold soggy diaper. I know I was a frequent bedwetter until nearly 4 years old, and had accidents after that, but I have no memory of ever wetting the bed or my diaper two nights straight, let alone three.

    I don't mind, in fact my only complaint is that when I do wake up, I still have to pee! I don't like that uncomfortable feeling when you wake up and your bladder is yelling at you to be emptied. And with my diaper already wet, I don't dare soak it further. At least not until I get some better overnight diapers.

    Just thought I'd share, figured a few of you might be interested.

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    There's another on going thread about forced incontinence, and controlled, nighttime incontinence which you might look at if you haven't already. I've wet my diaper a few times while I've been asleep, and it's sort of the same thing. I deliberately won't use the bathroom before I go to bed diapered, in the hope that I'll go in my sleep. It isn't often but when it happens, it's a nice "little" feeling and mine is usually accompanied by the most interesting and related dreams. It's not forced incontinence because we still have control, simply by using the bathroom before going to sleep.

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    I know that feeling. . .

    About 2 months ago, I started wetting the bed every night, and not by choice despite being a DL. I just never seem to wake up anymore and my bladder just let's go. I never really woke up before, I could always just hold it until the next morning.

    Well, I finally got a possible cause from a urologist. Nocturia, the overproduction of urine at night, combined with sleeping deeply, and my bladder just overflows before I wake up.

    I tried the whole setting an alarm thing. . .getting up every 3 hours, sleeping for nine hours total a night, to try and use the bathroom; however, I would still wake up with a wet diaper.

    Anyway, so I have been invariably soaking my diaper and still waking up to a full bladder. I have been prescribed oxybutinin. . .hell of a side-effect list, but if it returns control and brings my wearing a diaper back into the realm of recreation. . . great.

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    I wet the bed every night, I started sleeping though then night when I was in my late 20s and not waking up. so I wear 24/7 now
    having small bladder so I use to get up all the time once are twice a night since I was a kid.
    so now I enjoy sleeping though the night with out waking up.

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    I wet the bed for the first time in about 7 years last night, had surgery the day before and was indent hint from hospital, was advised to wear a pad to catch the bleeding (operation was down below), my mum let me wear diapers and decided it would be best if I use them at night since I'm drinking a litre every hour or so, long story short I went changed out of my wet diaper and layered up 2 for over night, was peeing like a racehorse so I was wet before I drifted off, but I woke up soaked through my double diaper and on the verge of leaking.

    Hopefully this is a one off night wetting due to the situation at hand as I still enjoy control and not having diapers rule my life

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    No worries, you could be in a worse boat; besides your case joe, that had to hurt. For me, I contracted the worst form of the flu that struck the Chicago-land area in late December 2014. By this, I'm referring to the fact I was 'sicking' a lot, along with a case of bowel incontinence due to my body trying to get rid of the bug (with the occasional blood release). Sadly(or possibly lucky) for me, it left me with partial bowel incontinence. I always have to be near a bathroom, it is always the runs, despite any amount of fiber, and to top that off, I also have a weak bladder that only sends me signals seconds from release.

    Actually, you'll love this bit. You know how some people get sick on roller coasters? Something else happens for me. For me, I realized too late I had a fear of roller coasters. Luckily I was wearing dark jeans that day. If only I played it safe.

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    I started out only wetting juring the day (OAB) but now I wet juring the night some nights but mostly as soon as I wake up I start to pee. A couple of nights a go I woke up to a totally saturated dry 24/7 it had even started to wick up my back side. so I Guess my bladder issue is now working in a night time issue.

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    Well, I notice something for the first time. Apparently I've actually been wetting the bed in small amounts each night. I just realized that this morning. Guess I might actually get to wear them more often.

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    Quote Originally Posted by silentdreamer1996 View Post
    Well, I notice something for the first time. Apparently I've actually been wetting the bed in small amounts each night. I just realized that this morning. Guess I might actually get to wear them more often.
    Wetting the bed or wetting your diaper?

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    My bed. I normally try wear diapers every weekend when I'm home (they help me relax), and I don't keep any supplies at college, seeing as I never get a free moment to put them on there. Point being, I'm wetting even though I never wet my diapers at night, back when I wore them during the summer. Course, this does have a beneficial side. Next sunday, I'm seeing a play with my parents. On the drive back to my college I could bring up the wetting and ask if we could get me some protection, if they at least seem to be likely to do so, I could bring up that I could use them to also keep track of my wet nights. That way, should my parents see me wearing diapers, they will think I am simply being cautious. It will also help seeing as I ran out of money to buy anymore ^_^'...

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