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Thread: Mosquitos suck

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    Default Mosquitos suck

    I need some tips on how to prevent them from coming in my house. They are biting me up as usual. -_-

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    Your a tasty treat I see.
    Me too they like me those little vampire's you must not have screens or they following you in.
    I feel for you much.

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    Why god designed cops and mosquitos ?

    Only to get us angry.

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    Aye I can't find the source of the leak when it comes to the screens

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    Must following you in are there standing water around where you are you can get stuff that kills there larvee in water .
    Wish you had dragonflys they eat lots of them in all stage's of life.
    They do make things that you wear that sound like dragonfly's wing's scares them away.
    Only other thing mosquitoes net by front door or a fogger to kill them and a type of candle they hate.
    Google mosquitoes control.

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    it's already touching 32F/0C here. mosquitoes are only around for like 3 months here. Only get flys in the house, never any mosquitoes.

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    I deal with mosquitoes nearly year around. And I have sweet blood so I always get bit. I've found that the repellant chandles work the best.

    Winter is my favorite season only because all of the mosquitoes die and burn in hell.

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    I don't have anything for preventing bites, other than becoming a ninja and killing them before they can bite you (I've done it with drum sticks before). But as for relieving itchiness, use an alcohol swab on the afflicted area (most baby wipes work too) as soon as you're bit.

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    They may be coming in through a vent. Do you have a fireplace because they'll come in that way. You should buy a four poster bed and some mosquito netting. Then they wouldn't be able to bite you while you sleep. My family has a cabin in the woods in northern Toronto and the mosquitoes are fierce up there during the summer. You have to enter a door very quickly because they'll follow you in.

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