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Thread: Really having to wear Goodnites/Drynites

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    Default Really having to wear Goodnites/Drynites

    I have been fascinated by goodnites/drynites since I was in elementary school. I used to wet the bed regularly until I was about 11 and just the idea that there were "big kid diapers" out there was exhilarating. Unfortunately, my parents never bought me any, and even if they did I was so paranoid at that age about anybody discovering my love of diapers that i would have probably refused to wear them, less they ever get suspicious, ha.

    I am curious though, how many people her legitimately had to wear goodnites/drynites as a much older kid or even as teenagers, and I am not talking about sneaking them on your own. I know they are marketed as "pajama pants" that are just like underwear, but come on, they are just oversized pull ups. On the goodnites website they actually have a specific section about how some teens could still benefit from goodnites/drynites, and while my teen and bedwetting years are long gone, I would love to hear any of your responses from people who's parents legitimately bought them goodnites/drynites into their late childhood and teen years and what that was like. Did it play a part on you becoming and abdl early on, or were you already one? Did you siblings/friends tease you? Any embarrassing or funny situations because you wore them? Thanks for any responses.

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    As a kid I was in goodnites to control my bedwetting from age 8 to 15. It was embarrassing since mom bought them at the grocery store. At first I hated the thought and I protested but I quickly learned that they were comfy, they were soft, and yes, they were a diaper. I'd always wanted to wear diapers and like you, I fought to put up the guise that I didn't want them. I think it was a step toward being abdl, but I also believe it was already in me before. (Was diapered up to age 6 at night). My favorite moment was waking up wet as always on a Saturday morning, throwing on shorts and playing soccer in the front yard with my brother for an hour or two, wetting my goodnite more.

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    I wore goodnights till I was 13. I think it did contribute to being a DL. No one ever laughed at me but I was terrified that someone would find out. To my knowledge only 2 of my cousins ever found out.

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    I wore them until I was 17 for bedwetting at night.

    And since I've become urinary incontinent, I wear them during the day, every day. Very discreet and they hold up quite well.

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    Not sure goodnites existed when I was in the bedwetting stage. I did have to wear pull-ups on vacations. So I guess it was like 5-11 ish +/- a year that I was a bed wetter - It's been a while.
    But Yeah, I wet the bed but was not able to have any sort of protection. Basically just a puddle most mornings. When I was around 5-ish I was required to wear gerber plastic pants, that was it and is basically my trigger.
    Puberty is basically what stopped it, extra muscles in the area, basically. I didn't have any foresight to think to ask to wear some sort of protection until like 15-ish which was 4 years too late =(

    But I did start buying those for myself like 6 or 7 years ago when I stopped being able to slip on a pull-up. They are pretty cool-ish to me.
    Bed wetting is fairly common, so I would assume at least that there are many occasions a teen might need them, assuming they had informed parents that didn't let them sleep in pee all night.

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    I wore goodnites from the time they came out until they went to the trim fit in 2004 and wore all 3 sizes at one point or another, I only went like a total of 2-3 years in my entire childhood where i wasnt bedwetting a year at age 4 with no diapers and from 15-17 but I still wore goodnites because I was afraid i would start wetting again and I obviously did and have ever since. If the original XL goodnites were still made I would still wear them as they still fit me incredibly well. I miss them so much!

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    Quote Originally Posted by KenworthW900b View Post
    I wore goodnites from the time they came out until they went to the trim fit in 2004 **snip**...

    If the original XL goodnites were still made I would still wear them as they still fit me incredibly well. I miss them so much!
    I loved them, too, and wore them for nearly a decade during the late 90's. Depends RealFits are the best substitute these days, though there are better (more expensive) pullups available (Abena, Moli's, Reassure OVERNIGHTS, etc). The RealFits are an off the shelf item at all Walmart stores for $10.

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    surprisingly you aren't the first one I've heard make this analogy. I find that yes while it's the same manufacturer they feel different from the old goodnites.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigbluehusky View Post
    **snip** ...they feel different from the old goodnites.
    When I close my eyes, and patt my butt, they are all a decent replacement. I use to have to hit the side panels on Goodnites with a blow dryer, to keep them from ripping the sides out. Not needed with the RealFits. That's a plus!

    BTW, you can wear 2-3 at a time, too, for a lot fuller diaper feel, discarding inner pants, as they reach saturation. I've done this every day, 24/7, for the past 2+ years.

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    Thanks for the response. For bigbluehusky, I am curious, did your siblings or friends make fun of you for wearing them? Also, did you willingly stop wearing them, or did your parents just stop buying them for you?

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