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Thread: Very interesting study

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    Default Very interesting study

    I stumbled upon this article/paper/study and read all 100+ pages. Very interesting stuff about us, dsm, imprinting, etc.

    I hope i posted to the right place. If anyone reads it, please share your thoughts.

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    unfortunately my McAffre warning went up with a bad virus site label.

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    I hope I can remember to look back here when I have more time. It's always interesting to see how the pshchological world views us.

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    Looks interesting. I will read it when there's nothing on TV like Gotham at the moment

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    "This study also shows that further investigation could be useful to help broaden the definition of sexual orientation beyond its current definition if the gender one seeks to have sexual experiences with. There is the possibility that fetishism is a natural expression of human variation that has been pathologized by the definition of deviance."

    This is so beautifully worded. I just love this. I'm personally non-ABDL but I do have a fetish of my own. We all need to do less diagnosing and more accepting for the things people can't or won't change.

    (I just came here because my boyfriend is a ABDL)

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    I started reading it. Very interesting opening. I like that she sort of switches from the clinical terms to the ABDL terms as she starts getting into it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by egor View Post
    unfortunately my McAffre warning went up with a bad virus site label.
    Good lord you use McAfee? D:

    Thread related, might check it out later...

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    Read through a good portion of it, skimmed through other parts. Worthwhile arguments in that it leans towards removing stigmatization of fetishes like AB/DL; there is a section where they discuss a couple's therapy group where it was brought up that one person was into diapers, the person running the session labeled them as perverted and was not stopped by the supervisor. Points out that getting effective help from someone like that is impossible. Discusses how these impulses are most often woven into a healthy life and how a large portion of AB/DL's lead the same sort of lives as everyone else.

    Has lots of info from Bittergrey in there as well, he's probably got the most research done and it was used heavily.

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    Very detailed. I wish Ms. Hawthorne had a larger sample pool. I wish I lived in CO at the time of the study. I would have participated.

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    I might not be as thrilled as everyone else. I was expecting a bit more exploratory data analysis.

    The research done in this dissertation (not a paper) was not published, thus, not peer-reviewed and its conclusions is drawn from the analysis of 4 men in Colorado.

    Plus, it's "only" a phenomenological study. What it means, it's that everything this pdf is saying is only applicable for those 4 men in Colorado given the counseling the writer did with them. Pretty much the step right above a case study but less interesting than research with real data analysis (higher samples, PCA, etc)

    As the dissertation states itself :
    "Due to the small sample size of this study, the findings presented cannot be generalized to the larger AB/DL community. Rather, the themes and patterns that emerged are an addition to existing studies as well as a means to promote ideas for future research in this unique area of sexuality studies."
    "A phenomenological study of only a few individual men has limitations when applied to the larger community of individuals with the same type of paraphilias."

    The first two chapters are near top-notch giving some interesting idea of the research done in this specific paraphilia but the chapter 3 and 4 are really interesting if you're a sexologist working with an ABDL and not for any generalization at all.

    Also, as a side note, I'm a bit surprised that this is sufficient work for a ph.D in this field. I mean, 100+ pages essay, no published data, only 2 page worth of references. This work is of quality but it's at the level of a master's degree, not much higher. (at least, in my university's standards and I say that as a TA who helps grading thesis for M.Sc)

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