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Thread: im thinking of wearing diapers all week.

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    Default im thinking of wearing diapers all week.

    I got the week off this week so I was thinking of letting my little side out this week. Woch cartoons playing with my Lego and wearing diapers all week. So what I was wondering. What is your ideal ab week off?

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    A week is kind of a long time!
    I'm multi-years behind in all sorts of stuff I need to get done.
    But If I did have such time -
    I would mostly just play with my toys, stuffed animals, watch kid tv shows. I'd put together some makeshift crib siding on my bed and sleep there.
    Drink from bottles, eat baby food!
    No toilet all week.

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    Well I wouldn't think I'll use my diapers for every thing.

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    My ideal AB week off is:
    diapers for #1 only
    drinking apple juice and fruit punch from a bottle
    sucking on my paci most of the time
    cuddling with my plushies and play with other toys I have
    afternoon naps
    watching kids TV shows

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    defenetly layingwith a tee on,and snuggling with a teddy.

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    just finished a whole week of 24/7 its awesome, I didnt use them for everything but i still wet and mess as much as i could while incognito

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    Wearing diapers 24/7 is great. But now I use IC pads when out in public. I have lots of Legos from the 80's even today's sets.

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