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Thread: I guess it's hello again

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    Default I guess it's hello again

    Well I've been off of this site for some time and decided to open the old cob webs. Hello I'm a babyfur who loves to write, listen to music, and we'll live. Alot has happen over the past year, my sexuality has changed among other things. Still me at the core so hello everyone hopefully I can keep tabs on it.

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    Hey there FullmetalLittle, are you still fullmetal? Did you become half metal while you were gone too?

    Just a glance at you and I got Skyrim and Abby Cadabby from your Tumblr (along with the cute new girl too not forgetting her) and I think you seem pretty swell. I hope you've been dealing well with the changes in your life, because there is probably going to be a bunch more coming!

    Don't dodge! Changes can feel like oncoming traffic, but you gotta let the car of change hit you head on. Then pull yourself up. Yep!

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