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    Does anyone play Destiny? Would love to do some raids with people who aren't looking for "Touch of Malice required" or "must be experienced." How can I get the experience if they won't run with me lol. I have a 294 Hunter. Add me @mistermatte on XBox One.

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    me too im a light lvl 291 here is my gt its - SubZero1989 All I can say is plz no little and even diaper talk plz.

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    Hey Code your gt is it @mistermatte or is it mistermatte?

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    I don't play much Destiny but if you want to play live with another ABDL, PM me.

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    I play it. At the moment I am bouncing back and forth between it and Halo, but I usually put it in to do the daily bounties. I have never really been in a rush to do the raids (never did Crota until not long before TTK dropped >.<) but if you need a hand with something you can send a message my way. Gamertag: CraZNewfie

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    Hey all, just to clarify the gamertag is mistermatte. Already played and talked with some of you and it was a blast! Hope for many more adventures!

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    so what are the chances that we could all get together and do some raids and such?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sulqy117 View Post
    so what are the chances that we could all get together and do some raids and such?
    Pretty high on my end

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