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    Hello again friends!

    I was browsing the internet looking for a onesie (I've never had one before) so that I could wear normal clothes without the worry of the back of my shirt riding up and everyone seeing my diaper *(0.0)*. I ended up buying the one from awwsoocute, but while I was looking I came across the padded onesie and was wondering if anybody had one? I am really interested and would love to add it to my collection.

    Can you guys imagine wearing a full thick style diaper and one of those? That would be soo comfy!

    Meanwhile I went on amazon as well and saw the full body animal onesies and wanted to know what animal you would all choose to be

    Thanks friends

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    I've toyed with the idea on a couple of occasions, but never really got round to it. Hmmm. Have to think about it again. I have to observe that if you paired it with something like a Comficare or Space, it might be a bit too thick in the crotch to sleep in.

    I already have an All-in-One with fox ears and a bushy tail.

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    Other past threads here on ADISC suggest that all Cuddlz sizing runs on the very large size - so whilst you may be a Medium usually, you may need a Small or X Small for example. I haven't been able to find other member ms who actually have one, though. I'm considering one for myself but damn they're expensive!!

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    I haven't bought their padded onesie, but i bought their regular one so i can comment on my experience with it.

    It's quite baggie around the waist and chest. The length was fine after a wash or two, but it's width was kind of annoying. I'm 72kg and 5'11" though. If you have a lot of weight on you then they might suit you better.

    Also the seams at the shoulders aren't very well done. They tore after about 5 uses.

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