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Thread: Staying with friends in nappies

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    Default Staying with friends in nappies

    I'm in a hurry here but in a nutshell, I'm crashing on old work friends couches this weekend who I haven't seen for quite some time and I'm pretty nervous as they don't know that I wear nappies.

    Of course, I'm taking more than enough padding, supplies etc and my friends are all lovely people and I know they'll be fine with it, if it comes to the point where I have to tell them.

    Thing is that I'm not sure how it's going to affect me. I have no choice in the matter as I literally have to be there this weekend. I'm just a bit uncomfortable about facing the inevitable

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    You have a medical condition and have nothing even remotely to be ashamed of. The fact that you are also a DL is just a bonus and your business only. If your diapers have babyish prints, just explain that the style was necessary for the higher capacity that you need.

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    Aye!!! Embarrassed is one thing but don't be ashamed of who you are!!! And DL business is personal business... no one else's unless you you so choose...

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    Tell your friends. They are sure to be fine with it and that will save you all a lot of awkwardness and potential embarrassment. Once you have told them, you will not have to tiptoe around trying to hide things.

    (double incontinent, diapers 23/7)

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    I agree, if they make fun of you for the medical condition they'd just be bad people... which you've stated they aren't. Good luck!

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    Thanks for all your input guys Has been a great evening and nothing has come up about it so nothing has been mentioned. I think it's a part of my own self-acceptance, which I am coming to terms with. Sat here now in my PJ's, wondering whether I hid it well enough or not. I get the feeling that I was noticed, but I could be wrong. Either way, I'm feeling ok now and more comfortable with my situation

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    I was going to suggest the same. I'm guessing because of having to dispose wet diapers, you might have to tell unless you have a plan for keeping those and getting rid of them later. Anyway, I'm glad things are working out.

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    I myself stayed with old friends and couple of years ago for the summer and although we talked about my incontinence many times they never thought diaper until a few days ahead of my arrival they received a case of Abena's in the mail, they called and asked why on earth they got them and I said well that's my underwear! To which they said now makes sense we never equated incontinence to diapers. Needless to say well there is always disposed of them in an outside receptacle so as to not stink anything up, what was strange is they had been to my place many times and there's diapers everywhere, and they never noticed!.

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    I have stayed over at friends and family houses many times. The topic just never comes up. So, I'm not usually one to bring it up if it's not necessary, which it usually is not.

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    well just remain discreet about it and make sure to change before a diaperleakage may happen. That way it will never be any of their business.

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