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    Hello every one I am a newbie to this site had a bit of trouble with my password but now that is sorted out, A bit about my self I am 61 years old Now I say that as I was a bed wetter in to my late teens in fact I would not sleep at my girl friends house in fear that I would wet the bed, and back then there was only terry towelling nappy's yes I am from England I know you call them Dippers, So my girlfriend now my wife was not happy that I would not stay and she had ask me to go on holiday with her and her family for a week and when I said I could not she was most upset with me and ask why so in the end I told her that I still some times wet the bed she took it well and said we will work some thing out, so she ask what I did at home and I told her I had a sheet of rubber under my bed sheets to protect the mattress and I would wash the sheets or my mum would.
    Some days later my girlfriend/wife ask me to come over for tea and that she had a present for me ( I know you know what's coming next ) so when I was there she said what do you think of theses I hope you like them and that you will wear them, they were adult plastic pants and they did fit and over the next few week with a nappy on under them tried them out and was happy with the set up.

    Now I went on holiday with my girlfriend and family, but my heart was ruling my head as when we got there and was unpacking I had a cold thought of reality that hit me, I was only wetting two to three times a week but what about the wet nappy's !! dam it was to late now all her family would know? but it was not as bad as my mind had made it out to be, my girlfriend told me she had to tell her Mum and she under stud and that they would wash and dry them by hand and only they would know.

    so move on in time got married in 1972 my bed-wetting stopped my wife got me in to cross dressing ( that's anther story ) had two daughter things went well for years and we was very happy even going to live in Canada for a sort time, then in the mid to late 90s I started to have one or two accidents one or twice a mouth first time was we had gone camping and it was a cold night so put it down to that, but this carried on ( by now I had my own bedroom as girls had moved out and I was a bad snorer sleep apnoea )
    wife told me to see the doctor as there could be a underling problem I am classes as Disabled and have DDD of the back also had a heart attack in 2008 had a stent fitted and anther one in 2012, so I saw the Doctor and told her what was going on she did an M.O.T. on me and found that I had an enlarged prostate so had to go to hospital for more tests was put on more tablets and as time went on I was wetting every night could not hold my water so was wetting my self, I was wearing pull ups that worked a dream, I stared to wet with out knowing I was doing it and some time if I fell asleep watching TV in the day would wet my self, Doctor sent me to see the incontinence nurse who ask a lot of questions did some test ask how I felt about it told me there was a few thinks she could do for me but felt that with my age and disability if it did not trouble me to much and I was all right caring on as I was that pads and diapers would be best way a round it for me, she got me a pass card so that I can use any toilet in an emergency in shops and place as long as they agreed and she as set me up with free Diaper and pads all I have to do is go on line or phone them up every 3 month and they are relived to my home, the only thing I have to buy is buy my own pants and sheets for the bed.

    Well that's my long and boring introduction if you have any question do please ask and if I can be of any help to you let me know.

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    Welcome h2oboy! That was a great introduction. There are many here with similar bed wetting stories. But we are so much more than diapered individuals here. We like to do other things, as well. What are some of your hobbies and interests? I like to read, myself.

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    Sorry I did get carried away with my self there, I like reading, I love my garden, and used to love to go trout fishing but ill health more or less but a stop to that and my metal detecting, but have took up wood carving or Whittling and being on my computer.

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    May I start with Leeks lol they will be ready for over winter, but most of my veg is over now, I have still got Beetroot in the ground, some Carrots, there is loads of Apples on my trees I have 3 one is a cooker but I can not give them away, 1 pear tree, 3 Cherry tree's but the birds get them, I have a small greenhouse were I will grow Tomato's Cucumbers, Peppers, Out side I grow a lot I am late getting my Garlic in the ground but will do in the next week or so, out side lettuces, Radish, spring onions, big Onions, courgettes, Potatoes I grow in bags that last us over Christmas, I for got I have a Cobnut tree, runner beans, Cabbage, Swede, and I bet I have for got some lol Gooseberry's Strawberry.

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    Wow! You really have a large garden! When winter comes do you relax for a few months?

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    Hello h2oboy and welcome to the group.

    This is a very nice introduction.

    I to like to garden and do wood working.

    IF you would be interested there is a group called "Foodies" I do a lot of Canning and gardening talk in there.

    Again welcome to the group.


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