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    When I was looking on tumblr, I saw some lovely and cute designs of hearts and purple circles and peace logos on a feminine nappy on a photo. I wish to buy these in the UK, where about and what is the brand?

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    I honestly have no idea, sorry! Seems a bit generic, quite possibly just a generic diaper or pull-up brand in the person's area. I wish I was a bit more knowledgeable about this kinda thing.
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    Looks like she answers the question in a later post: "Iv been asked a lot about what brand of pull ups iv been wearing and it’s a Walgreens brand training pants , cheap yet effective for 6 dollars they hold up better than I expected the only problem is the moisture seems to seep through the actually back side that’s padded so sometimes il leave a little wet bum in a seat or my bed and the leak guards around the legs do not help if the pull up is full all the way you will leak quite a bit around them."

    Not sure if you have Walgreens or not in the UK (can't remember if they or CVS partner with Boots), or if you can order them online through Walgreens for shipping to the UK. Hope this helps!

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    They look P-B, though it's hard to know for certain! bms

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