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    This is a somewhat female centered question, but I was wondering what the majority of diaper wearers do during the "time" of the month. Do you still use tampons etc. while wearing a diaper, or do you let the diaper do it's job and protect from both wetting and menstruation?

    In actuality, it really seems like even more of a reason to go padded, less to worry about

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    For me it is not much different from what I do any other time. I do not use tampons. The only thing I do differently is to be sure I am not wearing cloth. No worries since I am padded full time anyway.

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    In general, I guess I sometimes avoid wearing during my period, as I don't want to compromise the diaper's absorbency for pee by bleeding in it. Although if it's not too heavy of a flow I might still go for it, like when I went to the fair last month, I wanted to wear an Always Discreet and my shortalls, and I was on my period. I thought about wearing a tampon too (I primarily use pads; tampons for me are mostly for swimming), but I think I thought my flow was a little light for that and just went with the diaper alone. (Although I didn't wet it until I got home; I've yet to wet in public.)

    And I probably wouldn't wear my makeshift homemade trainers during my period unless it was very light.

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    Aren't pads just pretty much diapers without waistbands already? So why not go for the latter anyway... ;)

    Instead of wearing a tampon for a too long amount of time, or on the other side the possible leaks from too small pads... it's an advantage... kind of?

    I guess it depends solely on your personal preference. Personally, as much as I like them sometimes from the point of having a bit of comfort(actually a big amount) and protection - I seem to hate it as much otherwise. Usually the worst part is that my sense of smell seems to be extraordinary sensitive. Hence anything a diaper has to offer in this regard doesn't appeal very much, and so I stick to tampons half of the time.

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    Honestly, if my family wouldn't look at me like I had a chicken on my head, I'd switch. I use bladder pads for when, "Aunt Flow," visits, because they work better than period pads, but since the pain of cramps makes my IC worse, I can hopefully switch to pull-ups or an Abri Wing when I move out.

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