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    Hello everyone, i was just rolling around online and found this site and thought I'd join and say hello. I'm just a single foxkit that likes to play and make friends. Hope everyone doesn't find me too annoying x3

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    Hi Lilkitfox. Welcome to the group. I'm sure you won't be too annoying, probably.

    I see you like video games and programming. Any games in particular you are fond of? And what kind of programming do you do? I mainly focus in C with just a little bit of C++.

    P.S. this would probably fit better and get more views from the greetings/introductions forum. And again, welcome to the group.

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    *Waves paw* Hey there, from another Little fox kit :3
    I hope you'll have a pawsome time amongst us ^^

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    Hello and welcome aboard ^^ Little foxies are never annoying! They just have a tendency to get stolen for cuddles

    Really cyute profile picture btw

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    Hi Lilkitfox! Welcome to ADISC, and I agree with Quattrus, really cute profile pic. I take it you are a Furry fan. Are you also on Fur Affinity or FluffyWaddles? I'm a big furry fan here. Hope to talk with you more.

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    Waves hi there lot's of us kits around we are like blonds we haves more fun.
    I bet you like cookies too.

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