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Thread: Reasons why everyone should ride a motorcycle likes and dislikes

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    Default Reasons why everyone should ride a motorcycle likes and dislikes

    1. They cost less
    2. Have more maneuvering abilities than a car
    3. It is a great stress reliever
    4. Listening to the sound of the engine
    5. With friends I like to play a game called killswitch war where you try to turn off someons motorcycle without them noticing
    1. Pot holes
    2. Rain
    3. Cars pulling out in front of you
    4. Fake turn signals from other cars who may or may not be changing lanes
    5. Low sides. For example lets say that you are traveling to close to the right side of the road and are kicking up stones which causes your rear wheel to slide out from under you
    and the bike falls on it's side with you underneath it
    5. High side . when you fly over the handlebars
    6. Asking for permission to buy a motorcycle never goes well so I would just go out and get my self a motorcycle license and a motorcycle-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------For those getting into motorcycling I recommend that you take the MSF BRC Course ( Motorcycle Safety Foundation basic rider course) you must have a Motorcycle Learners permit to register for this class they will provide you a motorcycle and helmet for the course what you will need is a note book , pen , highlighter , and snack as all locations don't have vending machines . What to expect at the motorcycle safety foundation
    You must pass a written knowledge test before you can move on to riding and four riding tests you must pass to get your motorcycle license and completion card.

    You must be able to complete two u-turns or figure-8 in a box the size of a normal street without putting a foot down this can be accomplished by using the whole box start out following the line to the first corner then turn make a hard left pulling in the clutch straighten out the motorcycle slowly releasing the clutch and giving it a little bit of throttle and immediately let off the throttle pulling in the clutch and make a hard right

    You must be able to swerve using the look press and lean technique lets say you want to swerve left you look the whole way over your left shoulder before the swerve the same for swerving right

    Youmust be able to execute or perform a quick stop. Let's say that you are in second year you want to pull in the clutch and downshift into first gear while keeping the clutch in use both the front and rear breaks at the same time

    You must be able to perform proper cornering technich. This is done by getting all your shifting and braking done before the turn keeping your head and eyes up looking the whole way through the turn
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    Then before you know it you can take the training wheels off ride it like big kids do lol just kidding.
    They do make add trike kits so you can have a trike if you cant hold one up.
    All you need to do is ride like every ones out to run you over .
    Your fine .
    The key is intersection's are where most accidents happen no not the one in you pampers but cars turning left in front of you.
    A headlight modulator and tail light modulator help the best around 115.00 for both ebay.
    Get out have fun plus some yellow bee's in colorado taste like lemon pie filling .

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    I got my first bike about a year ago and did the whole riding training thing. You learn a good amount and it's not too hard so I agree, it's worth taking.

    I got a black 2013 Honda CBR500R, my baby. Fun as hell, I freaking love the freeways and being able to lane split, the greatest!

    I did have a "little" low side about a few months ago. I was completely unscathed (now I just feel that much more indestructible, shudder at what will happen that makes me feel less indestructible) and my bike got a missing mirror, blinker, and scraped fairing, but I got all that fixed now.

    It is my first bike so I already accepted before I got it there'll be "learning experiences" on it, not that it makes it much easier.

    Anyway, motorcycles are the sh#t, especially sporty street bikes. Have fun with it, it's worth it.

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    Had a motorcycle for a while in my 20's, mostly because a lot of my friends had them. Always preferred the human powered variety. Still do, for a lot of the same reasons.

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    I think it can really be summarized as:

    Cheap on gas / in general

    If you get into an accident you're gonna get seriously messed up

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    Not all crashes leave you seriously messed up it depends on the severity of the crash sometimes you can walk away with only a scrape and there are times you get very badly hurt I had a low side at the motorcycle safety class while learning to ride and only suffered a small scrape on my left leg to assist myself with my presentation please check out doublet90t motocycle crash drz400 on YouTube then chase on two wheels ducati crash also on YouTube then again the best crash is no crash at all

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    Took the course last year and got a perfect score on the written and field test. Got my first bike 3 months ago. Love it. Only requirement from the wife was ATGATT.

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    Sorry to ask but what is ATGATT mean I went to my picture book it's not in there.
    For some you can ride all year around .

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    Congratulations on passing the course even if it was last year I passed the course on july-26-2015 but can't help wondering what bike do you have?

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