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Thread: Put myself in a bit of a dilemma

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    Default Put myself in a bit of a dilemma

    This weekend I am relocating my apartment because it of noisy neighbors making it hard to live in. My parents only insist on helping me move out. I am only 23 so having my parents help me move out is not the odd thing. I have roughly 80 diapers on hand. The problem is I have no where to store them. They are currently in dressers and cabinets in my bedroom.

    I was thinking I can put them in a trash bag in my car and leave them there until my parents leave, but I run the risk of them wanting to load things in my car if they don't rent a van.

    Any ideas or advise would be greatly appreciated.

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    How about a suitcase? Then you can get a little padlock that stops people getting in to it.

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    Can you make a trip before your folks are on the scene and have them bagged up and out of the way first? Alternatively, get some boxes and stow them. Mark them as towels or something similarly lightweight if you need your boxes marked. This presumes you're going to unpack on your own. If these are no good, maybe box them up and leave them with someone you trust for a bit. Doesn't seem like you have a lot of good options.

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    Like it has already been said, seal in a box and say you will unpack the things yourself or a suitcase with a lock, or any sort of container with a lock is good.

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    Can you put them in the ceiling and move them later or move them before and put in the ceiling.
    no one goes up in there when moving house

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    Pre-pack into boxes before hand but only half fill the box with your diapers on the bottom....then put other stuff on top and tape them up.

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    I agree with puppyz pre packaging should do the trick

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    It's considerare of someone moving to have all the boxes packed and ready to go when volunteers are coming over to help move. Nothing annoys volunteers like the person not being ready for assistance. Start Early. Packing always takes a lot longer than you expect it to.

    So get as much boxed up as you can prior to them getting there - and just make a point of boxing up your diapers same as the other things. Diapers usually are about as dense as clothing, so just pack and label them as such.

    If you have larger boxes, be careful not to fill them too heavy - if a box is getting heavy, switch to lighter things. Mix in something different if necessary, just make sure you label the box for the different categories. Last thing you want them to do is say "hey this box is too heavy I'm going to unpack a bit out of it to lighten it".

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    just trying to give some off the wall advice you might not have heard yet here.

    If you own or know a friend that owns a storage building then try putting them there until after you move. That was my solution back when I moved apartments I packed all of my ab stuff into a box and stashed it away in my parents storage building in a quiet corner until the excitement around my new apartment died down a bit.

    Another thing to try is to mail them to your new address and just let them sit in the box until you get there. You may have to make sure that's cool with your new land lord before you do that but I don't see why it wouldn't be. Worst case scenario they return it to sender and with that it's out of the way for a few days.

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    As already said, you should probably have everything boxed up already anyway when they show up, at which point it just becomes another unsuspicious box.

    If you're really paranoid and have the cash for it, rent a storage locker and stow them there. Probably run you a minimum of $50 for a locker sized unit, or $100 for a closet sized unit for a month.

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