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Thread: even watching reviews of horror movies and fan videos get me scared

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    Default even watching reviews of horror movies and fan videos get me scared

    how can i start sleeping better after i watch something like that

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    I wish I could help you. I'm an overthinker. On top of that I imagination goes crazy on a normal day, so after a horror movie I'm like a scared toddler with the lights on. I really hope you do find what you're looking for, but know you're not alone.

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    a friend linked me a review he did of the thomas horror fan project shed 17 thankfully im slowly getting over it but it was the clips he used that scared me i will say if your easily scared like me do not watch it before bed

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    its also gory bloody and the plot makes little sense

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    One of the most disturbing horror movies I've ever seen is a horror film by John Carpenter, "Cigarette Burns". If you want to get scared, that's a good one. I love scary movies though sometimes, like the one mentioned, they get into my head and they're hard to shake. It just takes time.

    When I wrote "Werewolf", now on this site, the character John Stansbury really got into my head. You can watch a movie or read a good scary book and easily have that happen, but try writing about something scary. I've heard actors say the same thing about a part they played, absorbing the character so thoroughly that they couldn't let go of the persona.

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    To be afraid is a luxury and one I don't have..

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    Quote Originally Posted by littlefolf4 View Post
    how can i start sleeping better after i watch something like that
    You just have to get over it. There's no sure fire way to do that given everyone is different. I'd say get large, soft plushie to sleep with and night lights for your room but your not a AB it seems.

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