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Thread: In Search of a new Nappy

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    Default In Search of a new Nappy

    I live in the UK, and I've been using and enjoying Tena Slip Maxi for many years. Once they went cloth, I turned to Comficare. Now they're gone too. Can anyone recommend to me a nappy which has great fit, swells up a ton (I prefer SAP to pulp based nappies, so i dislike Molicares), and isn't an ABDL specialty nappy?

    I prefer the white, medical nappies but if there isn't one that fits the bill Im happy to switch to an ABDL printed one, as long as the fit and swelling aspects are ticked :-) And I usually buy from UK sites or ABDL Factory. Thanks!

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    Kolibri comslip? Tendercare? some places in UK still supply the Abena Abri form 4 in plastic backing.

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    Hmmm, well, for SAP-heavy and swelling, I'd go for the Snuggies (Tykables) Waddler Overnight. Or the plain white version, the Tighty Whitey, but it's not on sale in the UK ATM. There's also the ID Expert Slip, but I don't know how that swells.

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    The Comficare replacement, Betterdry will be coming soon. It's a bit different to the Chinese made Comficare, but if you liked the old one, then you will definitely like this new one. Abri-Form M4s are also back, and don't think they will be going away again which is good
    ID Slip Super (PE Backed) also swells quite well, as does the Extra and Extra Plus if you want something not as thick. The Tendercare is alright in my opinion, but it's very thin and doesn't hold a great deal at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoJo1993 View Post
    Abri-Form M4s are also back, and don't think they will be going away again which is good
    I noticed that on your site. Is there any particular reason that you're aware of? I find it difficult to believe that it's mere coincidence that Abena are re-releasing the PE-backed M4 at the same time that Tena is essentially doing the same thing with the Slip Maxi. Recognition in the industry that textile-backing isn't functional?

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    Well sort of - Abena isn't manufacturing these for everyone, however after a lot of discussion they agreed to produce them again. They aren't selling them themselves, just to a few different customers on the Continent and the US. Tena is releasing the Tena Slip Active Fit, which they say is because active people prefer a plastic backed product. I'm sure they are only really doing this because I can only assume their sales have plummeted since the introduction of the ConfioAir.
    But the good news is: about a year ago we thought plastic backed nappies would die their death and be a total rarity, but it looks like the opposite is becoming true, so no one need worry!

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    Makes you wonder if end-user purchasers make up a greater proportion of the market than we think. I always assumed that the overwhelming majority of adult nappy purchases were by healthcare providers, but these developments imply that end-user opinion is more influential than we think. Either that or textile-backing is bad enough that even healthcare bureaucracies have taken note.

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    Tena has been quite secretive about it, but have told us that there are a lot of 'special needs' customers who still require a plastic backed product.

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    JoJo1993 , when is better dry being released for sale in uk or Europe ?

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    About 6 weeks at the moment for BetterDry and then another 2 after that for the new Crinklz

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