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Thread: Last toy you bought?

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    Default Last toy you bought?

    Anyone here have recently just bought a toy on a whim, just a spur of the moment thing when grabbing groceries, tissue, and cleaning products at Wal-Mart or something? Or maybe a cute something or bother caught your eye when grabbing a pack of diapers in the baby notions aisle? Or is there a particular something you been wanting but don't have the courage to buy?

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    A few months ago binkygirl and I were at Walmart when she decided to just wander off while I was looking car stuff. I managed to track her down to the toy aisle, where she appeared to have fallen in love with a set of alphabet blocks. That's usually how it works, if something catches her attention, I get that stare ("PLEASE!!!?"), and then I say no, we don't have the money right now, then I get the other look ("I'm going to fade away into darkness and die cause my daddy is a soulless meanie!"). We then depart one toy up on yesterday.

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    I was out of town when I saw a BB-8 droid. I was grabbing a yarn Yoshi for my Amiibo collection. I stared at it for a moment and thinking I really want that. I looks cool. My adult side and toddler side started fighting each others. After the inner turmoil was settled I ended up buying BB-8.

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    A few days ago I got some mickey and friends rubber squeeze bath toys. and a little Daisy doll, since I didnt have her yet.

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    I fell in love with these wooden toy cars when I saw them in store, I love all things bright and colourful.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    A week ago, I did purchase another rattle ball for my toy box of infant toys.

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    Having young grandchildren has given me the luxury of purchasing all sorts of toys for when they visit. I love playing with them, but occasionally I'll play with the toys on my own.

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    I've been looking into buying a rattle recently, but nothing I've seen in stores has really piqued my interest. Seems like nobody carries a typical style rattle around here. I did, however, pick up a box of baby wipes the other day. Not a toy I know, but still.

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    The last toy I purchased was a set of washable crayons for bath time. (I'm sorry to say that some of the words and pictures I drew were not PG )

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