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    Well, I'm finishing school and graduate technically next week, This is both emotional and a sad time for me, since the real world relies on intelligence(well I bloody hope :P) I should be able to get somewhere since I think differently to most people.

    Still not sure what to do with my life, I'm still trapped in my head about ideas I've had from years ago, I plan to get a house at one point and focus on my future.

    I'm somewhat scared and excited at the same time, and I'm going to miss a few people.

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    I completely know the feeling, or at least the impending feeling. I'm graduating at the end of spring semester 2016. It is really creeping me out to have to find a real job.

    What kind of degree do you have? Do you have a linkedin account? I hated linkedin, but my university thinks It's Gods gift to employment, so I caved. I have been working on building up my profile for a while now, Just wish I could get more endorsements on that stupid thing, I need to make more professional friends.

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    Congrats on finishing! It's a good idea to find work to do while you're looking for work to do, especially if you're uncertain. Even a cashier type job brings in some money and, if you do well at it (which really means showing up and paying attention to what you're supposed to do), you'll be able to get a good recommendation and some contacts. If you've got a particular field you studied, there are likely jobs in that area and, lastly, if you're really unsure, you could always apply for a graduate education program that will let you study further in a field that interests you and help you find jobs in that area.

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    Well, I graduated got to finish some work, than hopefully I'll get all my sace!

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    He's 18 so high school .
    Have you thought of getting more school so you can get a better job while you still used to the school type of life.

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    yes TAFE, and I'll eventually get a bachelor degree in maybe comp sci

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