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Thread: Favorite iOS or Android games

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    Question Favorite iOS or Android games

    For those playing games on iOS (Apple) or Android devices, what are your favorite games. Curious about how many of us play any games on cell phones or tablets.

    My favorite is Great Big War Game. It is a nice improvement over the original and has an online game mode to play against others on the Internet. Send me a PM for my account name.

    My second favorite is spider solitaire. Love playing this game to pass the time while waiting somewhere.

    Anyone else spend time with this type of game?

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    I only have one gamey game on my phone and that would be Pixel Dungeon. A really fun roguelike. It's for free and open source, but you can donate money or buy it on Steam as well.

    Others... I did play Kami and occasionally spend time with 2048 or sudoku.

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    Don't really play games on my phone but when I did it was Fallout Shelter.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malin View Post
    My favourite is "The Simpsons™: Tapped Out".

    I like that one too, currently working on the Halloween event.

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    Hmmm.. "Layton Brothers: Mystery Room" and "Chaos Rings 3" are my favorite X3

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    1. Final fantasy record keeper
    2. Fallout shelter
    3. Yugioh

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