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Thread: Reoccurring diaper related dreams

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    Default Reoccurring diaper related dreams

    I'd like to start off by saying I believe dreams have deeper meanings then a lot of people are led to believe, as I've had dreams that later actually happened. I've been having alot of diaper related dreams lately and been trying to figure out what they mean. Some are bad dreams, like getting found out and made fun of, while others are very pleasant and are of me being taken care of. I was wondering if others here have reoccurring diaper related dreams and what meaning you think they have in your life.

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    I don't personally believe dreams are a window to the future, but are most certainly a window to our deepest fears and desires.

    I've recently literally had a dream come true regarding diapers (my wife and I fooled around while I was diapered), but that wasn't the result of providence so much as a result of careful planning and patience. Likewise, I don't get diacovered because I'm cautious and deliberate with my storage and wearing.

    So, you make those dreams come true if that's what you want. At the same time do what you can to avoid those nightmares.

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    When I began dating my girlfriend I began to have sexual dreams regarding her and diapers. I believe, like ampelhamza has said above, that dreams are a window to our deepest fears and desires. That is the literal embodiment of both of those things. I've always feared discussing diapers with anybody for fear of judgement, but I've always been attracted to them. When I met my girlfriend I explained everything to her for the first time in my life. After I had explained it all to her, my dreams subsided and I no longer fear wearing in front of her.

    Perhaps you're experiencing the same things. Mine was obviously stress related.

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    I actually think I tend to have a decent amount of "diaper" dreams, whether I am wearing and get found out, etc. Even when I'm not wearing consistently, they still seem to pop up. Not sure why, other than a recurring fear that manifests.

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    I get a lot since I wear 24/7 so I often have a diaper on in dreams since it is simply part of my normal attire now.

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    I never have diaper dreams...or maybe I have them all the time.

    I rarely remember my dreams and if I do, it is only minutes before I forget them. I don't believe I have ever remembered (even for a short period) a diaper dream.

    I commend people that cam remember their dreams.

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    I tend to have a fair amount of dreams where my mother knows about (or perhaps discovers) my diaper habit. It seems in most of them she's fairly indifferent about it. I do sometimes wonder how she would take the news if were I to break it to her, seeing she knows about my pacifiers and thumbsucking, so it doesn't seem like too much of an unusual dream for someone in my situation.

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    It's fact your brain processes memory and learns lessons about important life events well you sleep. I am a defectors expert at what the brain does during your sleep because I have sleep disorders so I am constantly reading the latest science of sleep hoping my sleep pathologists and I can find something to "break the back" of my disorders so to speak! Much of what goes on during sleep teaches you and helps your body regulate everything from insulin sensitivity to core temperature.

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    Default Reoccurring diaper related dreams

    When I was younger(till I was about 15ish), I would literally have diaper dreams 9 out of 10 times I remembered my dreams (which was almost every night). They'd be extremely detailed and long. It wasn't so much a recurring dream, but I'd have typical random dreams, except I'd usually only be wearing a diaper and nothing else.

    However, I "never dream" or rarely dream anymore. I put "never dream" in quotes since I heard somewhere that we dream every time we sleep, we just can't always recall it although it feels like I pretty much close my eyes at night when I go to bed and then all of a sudden I'm being woken by my alarm (or I'll just wake suddenly and it's morning). I think my lack of dreams now has to do partly with being older (obviously), sleep deprivation, and possibly some of my lifestyle choices (ingesting certain things that are known to reduce the likelihood of remembering dreams).

    I also agree that I think dreams can be representations of some of our subconscious and conscious thoughts.

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    I've just recently started seeing dreams that incorporated my 24/7 diaper lifestyle, but not with any specific attention to it. I'll be in some random dream situation and notice the bulge or feel of my diaper and think "yep, diapered", and then continue on like I do any normal day, no special reaction or anything.

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