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Thread: Hope to discover more.

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    Default Hope to discover more.

    Hello, everyone!

    To start off I just want to say that I really hope this place will help me out in the next few weeks, months, or even years. I have always been a bit of a "baby" at heart, even when I was a kid myself. It started out as a desire for wanting toys for ages much younger than I really was, and the longing need for cuddling (though I hated being touched), interest in diapers, training pants, etc. Only until the internet I was able to thoroughly research and find out about regression, ABDL, and similar lifestyle choices.

    Truth be told, i'm not even certain what I really desire. Is that too confusing?

    I mean, I love cuddly plush toys, frilly nightgowns and pajamas, and soft blankets. I would take a bottle of warm milk with honey at bedtime, and dream up the perfect baby/toddler/little life in my head as I did so. Most of these things I'd did when I was in college. They helped my relax and would de-stress me after a day of classes. Having an apartment to myself allowed these little luxuries.

    Once I graduated, I jumped into the workforce right away and got too busy and distracted for these desires. Along with this, I boomaranged back in with my parents into a home they bought while I was away at school. With the economy as it was, not to mention the pathetic rate of the minimum wage, it was the best plan.

    Anyway, I've come here for some rediscovery, maybe a chat, to learn more about these lifestyles, and to find out where I fit in.

    Thank you for your time, I hope to get to know many of you well.

    - J.B.

    PS. This evening I made a big step in fulfilling one of my desires: I bought a package of Goodnites without any shame! This is a major thing for me as I been putting it off due to fear of being caught or judged. But hey, I did it and I am really happy I pulled it off. In fact, that is what drove me to come and finally register to join this site. I now have someone to tell!!
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    Welcome JellyBows! That was a fantastic introduction! I feel I know you already. You seem like a really confident and outgoing person. Can we call you JB? Where did you get that name?

    Believe it or not, your story is similar to many others here: College, parents, need to indulge in bottles and diapers - all common themes here. The fact that you're confused about what you really desire is also a common theme.

    Anywho... Please jump in to any threads that interest you and ask away! We are a support group and help each other as best we can. Enjoy your time here and we hope you stay for years!

    P.S. There's ice skating in Florida?

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    Hi, JellyBows, and welcome! I hope you find this place very helpful. It has been a great place for me for several years. Folks here are polite and caring in so many ways. As said above, look around and make yourself at home. You'll likely find many relevant topics and conversations. Congratulations on your Goodnites purchase, and may your time here be fulfilling!

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    I have a bag of Jelly Bellys on my nightstand next to a Minnie Mouse ears headband with a big pink bow on it. When I needed a username I started looking around the room and they were the first two things that stood out. I feel that they are also two very "me" things - candy and cute hair accessories!

    As for all that other stuff, I am glad to know that is all the norm here. It's hard to find safe places to talk about such things to. It's nice to get it off my chest.

    And yes, we have a couple rinks here in my area and the next town over.

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    Did you wear a Goodnights last night? How was it?

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    Yes I did, zipperless! And it was the most relaxing sleep I've had in along long time. It was one of those things you didn't realize you needed until you had it!.

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    Hi JellyBows! I just joined here recently too! Its nice to see we have some common goals of what we want to gain from this site. Anyways congrats on buying the diapers. It was so hard to do the first time but it gets easier every time

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    Congrats on your relaxing nights sleep! I'm new here too. I think diapers might make car trips more relaxing since I'm always worried about where the next stop will be.

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    Welcome! The first purchase is such a crazy experience. I would say it's easier now, but I still don't love buying in my own city. I try to time my purchases when I have to travel to the next city over. But then again, that's part of the whole experience. Anyways, welcome to the site, this is a great, safe place for people to ask questions and explore themselves and the ABDL community.

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