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    Default best diaper ever!

    Ever feel guilt for doing something, that others that know in your life don't mind you do? I stopped wearing for almost a month now and the urge is back and strong again. I love my wife and she accepts who I am but reading all these post, about others that aren't as lucky as me. It made me think about things more in depth. I talked to my wife and I told her that I was sorry I was weird but it's just something that no matter how hard I try I can't give it up. I explained to her all the struggles I had before we got together with hating myself for my urge to wear diapers to where I started to accept that it was part of me. It's honestly very hard to do when it's something that you don't know where it came from to begin with. I explained about the different websites I had visited and how I came to know I wasn't the only one out there with these desires. Even though she told me she was okay with it and liked my weirdness, I had to explain to her more so I could get it out in the open. I read these post where people are hiding it for years and years. That would of been me if I wouldn't of gotten drunk one night and fell asleep with a diaper on while she was out. I got "caught" before we got married as a test to her. I left one sit on the bathroom floor after a shower before she came over. She seen it and asked me about it that night and I made up some story. To old for stories anymore. Tired of hiding what makes me happy. I don't need to go out of my way to show it off or make people mad but I should feel free in my own home...... right? Honestly I don't know why after a few dates I didn't let her into my hidden life. Things would of been smoother in the long run. Either she would of ran away or she would of stayed and knew. She has been amazing since she found out. Just hope others find the same as me. Though for all those out there afraid or doubting who you are! You live once and this isn't just a phase. Tell the people you love if they accept it they accept it. If they don't well it's not something we can go without no matter how hard we try it always comes back. Sure you can fight it at first but after a few months or even a year the urge is strong again. It's a fight we can't win. I did for 5 years then it was so bad I was starting to go through depression. We hurt no one by wearing different underware. We embarrass nobody if we don't flaunt it. It makes us all happier and honestly better people. I refuse to seek some shrink to tell me I'm a wack job or that it's normal. If it was normal I wouldn't feel embarrassed at all so I know it's not "Normal" but what is? For me I have always been the strange kid in the world and I guess I have accepted that I will always be that guy. Had to rant a bit on here cause well....... you all know my struggle more then anyone else.

    Thanks for reading

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    Haha oh yea in my ramble I forgot to ask what do you think the best diaper ever is. So far mine is the abena M4.

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    You're fortunate that wife accepts this. Not everyone on this site has been as fortunate. My wife discovered my diaper order a number of years ago and I had to explain as well. She was very accepting and understanding, so things have worked out well for me. She'll buy me things like plushies, onsies, sippy cups, etc.

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    Bravo! I enjoyed reading your post so much!!! I agree with you 100%

    As for the diaper. The best diaper I've tried in all terms are ID Slip Maxi.

    Extreme absorbancy, tapes that really stick tight, quiet and good on odour. These will hold a LOT - more than a the M4!! Also the wet distribution is amazing!! I do t remember how I discovered this diaper but is excellent!!! Try it!!!! I haven't seen posts about this diaper in abdl sites.
    Also is thick and really I can go for a whole 10h day of work with no need to change or being stressed if it will Leak or nothing.

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    Enjoyed the post. I feel like I went through what you did as well. My soon to be fiance and I talked about this several months back and it was nerve racking for me. I had dated a girl before and I was terrified of opening up my entire self to her, but my fiance we have had no issues opening up to each other at all. I am blessed enough as well for her to be so accepting of this part of me and she has expressed interest in trying it out herself when we are married.

    I also liked your part about us finding acceptance for ourselves because I went through that as well. I remember trying to explain myself and she kept telling me that she understood and accepted it as a part of me. It definitely makes a world of difference when your significant other and yourself are on the same page with literally everything

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    My first marriage failed because of my cross-dressing. (I am proud to admit I am a "Sissy-Baby!" ) She claimed she could not handle it. I never go the nerve to tell her about my diapers. Yes, there were probably underlying issues. I think she just used it against me because she knew that I knew she hated it. Long story short, she "hacked" into my computer, printed out a bunch of "evidence" and presented it to me as an ice-breaker to "I want a divorce". Imagine her surprise when I agreed to the divorce, and was relived she brought it up, and her little plan back-fired :-)

    I got re-married about 2 years ago. With my wife, I was slow to introduce her to the real me. I started with panties. We were watching one of those "taboo" type of TV shows one night. It was the perfect time to test her. We had been dating for about 6 months. Whatever the content was about, I learned that she was pretty open minded. So, like I said, it started with lingerie and panties. I phased her in slowly, in steps! I then confessed that I love wearing satin wedding gowns. THAT was a pretty big, terrifying test. Amazingly, she was open to it and OK with it! We even got as far as going to a Halloween party as Bride and Groom, only, I got to be the bride! (that's another whole story!)

    About 4 months before we were married, I decided it was time to fish or "cut bait" and let her in on the deepest secret I had. Under all the satin it was really diapers that I desired most. In the time between my divorce and my meeting my wife, I went diaper-crazy! I had a huge supply. Stupidly, I purged it all in fear she would not accept it. So, one night, 4 months before our wedding, I told her about my desires to wear diapers. I had decided that I was not going to hide it anymore. I was ready to accept that fact that if she could not handle it, a review of our relationship was in order before our wedding.. Another LONG story short, that night I wore a diaper to bed :-) She was weirded out about it at first, but as time went on, she got more accepting. I am happy to say that I know have a closet full of satin wedding gowns, adult baby cloths and a wood chest full of diapers, which I am pretty well able to wear whenever I want.

    To say that I came full-circle is an understatement! My wife is awesome. Every day I tell her how much she means to me and how grateful I am that she puts up with all my quirks. And, every time, she tells me its who I am, a part of me. She fell in love with the whole package.

    So here we are almost two years later, and I am a "full-out" adult baby, living out my dream with my dream woman! And, in 2 weeks, we will welcome our daughter! My first-born! And, that will open up a NEW chapter in my crazy novel of my life. I am looking forward to being a Dad more than I can even imagine, but I am also scared about trying to be me, and a Dad at the same time. I guess that's a whole other forum post!

    My advice to others is, to find the courage to bring it up to your SO and talk about it. If he/she freaks out, then well, maybe your relationship is not as strong as it could be. Or, like my crazy EX, there could be other issues buried behind their non-acceptance.

    Thanks for reading my "condensed" story!

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    I've always known I liked nappies, infact the first conversation I remember having with my Mother was telling her it was easier for me to wear a nappy than use the toilet (I was around 3)

    I hid (and almost forgot) this 'thing' from my wife for many years until I came across sites like this and adult products available on websites, at that point I hinted at a dark secret to my wife with the idea I'd eventually tell her.....I did nt get the chance as she found a used disposable and put two and two together. It was a rough couple of weeks but eventually she said that she's accept it and further down the line even joined in by changing me and buying AB/DL pressies.
    The marriage broke up a little further down the line (not due to my fetish) and I met the love of my life

    I was honest from the start this time, I did nt want my ex spoiling my new relationship by blabbing about my love for nappies and I wanted my new partner to have the option of dumping me before we got too serious.

    My new partner accepted it initially, again joining in changing me and even bought some DL Xmas gifts one year.

    Unfortunately, my closeness with my new partner bought about an AB side I was nt aware of, the love I had made me want to be even closer and I thought there's nothing like a bond between a baby and its mother. I spent one afternoon with my g/f as a AB, with bottle/dummy/colouring book, I was indulged by my OH but I could see that it was nt for her and she felt very uncomfortable.
    TBH, in hindsight, I did nt really enjoy it and should not have suggested the 'experiment' but at that point it was too late
    Nappy time became less and less, her interaction became more 'forced' and I found myself 'hiding away', I'd either wear whilst I was in the house on my own or sleep downstairs on the couch when padded just because I knew it made her uncomfortable. At this point my next stupid decision was to start chatting to a 'Nanny' in the hope that I could keep my kink away from the house and not upset my wonderful g/f found phone messages between us and viewed the interaction as cheating (I would never have slept with anyone else but my OH thought it was intimate)

    We tried to work through it for a period of time but it could nt be forgotten, her acceptance had turned to dislike and I hated myself for not being able to stop for the woman I truly loved.

    When we parted,in a number of texts she said she wanted a man and not a baby and that said it all.

    I still to this day love her and know I lost her due to this 'thing' but after coming this far accepting myself I know that I could never 'forget' my desire for nappies again.

    Oh, and my favourite disposable is the Comficare idea what I'm going to do when my current stock runs out (any suggestions are welcome )

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    Most likely everyone here knows the feeling of being "the strange kid in the world". Sorry to take that title away from you but you are not alone.

    I'm not sure we only live once but I like the attitude that we should grab life by the horns and run with it. But, for some of us, this can lead to weird contradictions. It's like saying "Man up! ...and wet your baby diapers with pleasure".

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    I Know how you feel and in my life I've come to this conclusion:

    I've been asked by my parents and others "why can't you just be normal?" Well I would simply respond, "Normal?... I can't think of anything worse than being normal. Normal is merely a synonym for boring. And something that is boring is the opposite of something that is interesting. And interesting things are more than often weird. So being weird just mean I'm a rare gem. And I'd rather be a rare gem than a dull rock any day."

    This really is what I wanted to say to my parents when they found out about my diapers by accident. But I was too ashamed to just admit to them who I am and how I feel. They aren't angry that I wear diapers. But I don't think they understand my desire to be a kid again. To not care about jobs, college, taxes, car insurance and the like. And It does get to me and just makes me down and wish I was 'normal'.
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