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Thread: Boots pants

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    Default Boots pants &productId=1810&callingViewName=&categoryId=4073&l angId=-1&catalogId=11051
    or &productId=1812&callingViewName=&categoryId=4073&l angId=-1&catalogId=11051

    Hi guys, I plan on buying one of these, dont know which ones are better. can anybody help me, possibly somebody who has used them? Or if you know of some other ones from the boots website that are good, please tick other and state.


    ps sorry only 3 posts so cant post direct links using link input thingamajiccy, so please add another w to the ww.

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    Neither of those URLs worked when I tried them. In any case, i'd seriously reccomend that, unless they have improved significantly in the last few years, that you do not purchase products from Boots range of incontinence supplies.

    From memory, there is only one size (huuuggeeee) they are of a strange shape, lack absorbency, and leak. They are also rather expensive.

    I believe Peachy still has some collecting dust in his wardrobe...

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    ok thanks, did oyu put another w in the ww?

    update: , search 'staydry pants' and 'staydry belted pull up pads' for the products. The belted pull up pads look thick from the (small) picture
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    Quote Originally Posted by dillan221 View Post
    ok thanks, did oyu put another w in the ww?
    Yes I did, believe me i've been using some form of computer for over 16 years, so I did this instinctively. I still don't reccomend you use Boots incontinence products.

    Whereabouts in the UK are you? There may be a place locally you can source an alternative from, or you could order via an online retailer.

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    im in good ol newcastle upon tyne. cant get online as live with parents

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    Ah yes, that may be an issue. You could try googling/looking around for "mobility" type shops [those that sell wheelchairs, walking frames, etc] in your locality, or in the wider North-east area that you could get to. Many of those will sell adult nappies too.

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    boots' staydry = still crap.
    how and why they still market those rubbish is a mystery. even their placky pants have gone rubbish (compared to those of 15 years and more ago). find yourself a disability/mobility shop if you need stuff, or use the net.

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    Hi I bough some Henleys plastic pant the other day and they are so cheap and nasty I wore them for a few hours and put them in the bin they used to be cheap and nasty but my god they are even worse now.

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    Do. Not. Touch. With. Bargepole.

    I hope I have said that clearly enough. They really aren't worth it. I have used them and I seriously think that I would consider not having any as a serious alternative to getting them. Not worth the money they cost.

    Really. You can't really feel them when you wear them. They will almost certainly leak almost immediately. And better quality ones, if you can find a way of buying them, are often CHEAPER. If you are desperate and there is nothing else, then maybe get them and try them, but you will almost certainly regret it.

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    Holy crap! At least run those URLs through TinyURL! They take up fricken 5 lines each on my iPod!

    Sorry for the outburst....

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