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Thread: Diapers and working!

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    Default Diapers and working!

    Its amazing and so scary at the same time what are your experiences with this?

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    I've been doing this for a few years and have only had minor issues. It's great though. Having to change is the biggest challenge.

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    Tell me about it im a landscaper lol, so its pretty crazy thankfully I have my license so I can just drive to a gas station.I just started doing this a couple days ago honestly I dont wanna stop

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    Been doing it for about 5 years. Luckily, we have a private restroom with a lock. I just carry my shoulder briefcase there and change.

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    Well I was wearing to work, a Bellissimo naturally, when I knew I would be working alone all day (for the most part). I was part of the maintenance team where I work and did apartment turns, all day painting and repairing. Changing out of a wet diaper was no big deal, I kept wipes and plastic bags with me and changed at the end of the day. Now due to a series of events I am working in housekeeping (sometimes alone but not like before) and am not brave enough to wear, especially a Bellissimo! I might start a thread in the forum later about this problem! Recently I bought 2 Snuggies diaper samples thinking I would try them at work and buy a case if they worked well enough but..... Snuggies are now vintage! Argh! Any suggestions for a thin, quiet diaper that can hold 3-4 wettings, please let me know.

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    I am incontinent so I have to wear to wok. I have to watch my fluid intake some days and some times I have small leaks. When I have to change I tuck a diaper in the front of my pants. My shirt covers most of the added bulge. The worst problem besides having an accident during a change, is having an accident right after a change.
    I think I might have gotten some sort of thrill from this back when I had bladder control, but now it is just part of everyday life.

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    I've worn diapers to work and Uni several times now. For the most part it is great fun. I always make sure I wear baggy jeans and a loose shirt though. Don't want to have an obvious pad bulge or people seeing the rim out the top. x3
    It is always a little nerve racking when it's time to change though. Work if fine because they have privet cubicles but Uni, I try and go during a lesson so it's less likely someone comes in and I just have to freeze until they leave.

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    I wear 24/6.99, which means being padded at work too. I'm a local truck driver. I do not change at work. My work days are usually under 12 hours. I am currently wearing Northshore Supremes with one booster kins terry lined plastic pants and a onesie over that. Nobody has ever noticed (I think). My biggest fear is having a poop attack while at work. That would be very bad. I think

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    Quote Originally Posted by dlnotab View Post
    My biggest fear is having a poop attack while at work. That would be very bad. I think
    You carry a clean one to change into, right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by zipperless View Post
    You carry a clean one to change into, right?
    No. If that were to happen the only way to change would be to shower. Even if I get the messy changed out with a clean one usually an uncontrollable BM is usually pretty soupy and poop would get all over my clothes trying to change. It would be better left in the diaper and wait till I get home, my skin is pretty tough and the plastic pants contain the smell pretty good. I've survived two years of wearing to work and only messed once and it was at the time clock on my way out the door to go home

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