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    Hi. I am late with this intro as I wanted to be sure it was really for me, and nervous I guess.
    I was a bed wetter throughout my childhood, well before disposables were available. I now find in my later years they help me sleep, travel, and bring relaxation. Clearly, there are others who experience similar benefits

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    Welcome ARBO! Yes, there are many, many here who sleep better in diapers, myself included. I didn't have a bedwetting problem but I do find it relaxing to wear around the house (when I can) and sleep in them (when I can). Please don't be nervous. We are here to help each other through this quirky kink.

    What do you like t do in your spare time? You're almost my age so I don't suppose you're a gamer. Do you read or watch movies like me, for example?

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    Hey ARBO, I'm new here too, so don't worry. It's taken me quite a while to finally get enough courage to talk to people about this sorta stuff. And I have anxieties about simply talking on the phone. But I've made one introduction thread here so far just as you have and I already feel welcome. So you should be fine. =3

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    Welcome to ADISC!

    I too was a bed wetter (as many people here are/were). Fortunately, I out-grow it somewhere around 12 years old.

    You are among friends, so try not to be too nervous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ARBO View Post
    Thanks all for thé welcome
    You're welcome! Feel free to jump in on any threads that interest you.

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    I outgrew it at 15!
    Were you made to wear nappies, or woke up to a wet bed?
    We were born too early!

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