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Thread: Where are the other company reps?

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    Default Where are the other company reps?

    So, it's clear that Casey from ABU is an active member on here, taking feedback, and communicating with us, but where are the Bambino, Snuggies/Tykables, and everyone else reps on here?

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    I think I've talked to the Northshore and Snuggies reps on here before.

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    I can say that Bambino will never come here because they are actually a vanilla incontinence products distributor that caters to us via a different website.

    Adam from North Shore is an active member that answers questions and takes feedback.

    Adisc has some rules regarding merchants as well.

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    I'm Joe from NappiesRUs in the UK... Try not to talk business but always here if you have any questions

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    I'm Jeremy from Diaper Connoisseur .. been a member of Adisc for some time and love getting involved here. However because of the potential for what I say being construed as advertising or self-endorsing, which is against the rules, I try to stay neutral/personal/informal and not drop my business's name in my posts. Of course you can always PM me if you've got questions or comments!

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    I thoght at one time the reps had custom titles to indicate they were reps?

    And I would expect Bambino to be interested in having a rep here. They're not just a generic diaper company, they're specifically marketing to ABDLs. Maybe they just aren't aware of us here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bambinod View Post
    Maybe they just aren't aware of us here?
    I wouldn't be surprised if this were the case.
    I've met 20-30 ABDLs in-person via connections on Fetlife, and to my surprise none of them knew of ADISC.

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    User 'todaler' is Snuggies/Tykables. User 'mommy' is Baby Pants. And I'm sure there are others. Honestly, I'd be surprised if most AB/DL diaper makers didn't have accounts here and elsewhere, if only for covert recon purposes.

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