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    Anyone seen these Mydiapers on SaveExpress?! They look beyond-brilliant, plastic-backing that looks like it could give quite a nostalgia hit! I've not tried them but they look similiar to a foreign brand I tried called Ancare - from Thailand - said brand were pretty cool infact very Tena-ish or a good mixture of Tena and Cuddlz but for the genuine-incontinence-sufferer market. I suffered a major computer burn-out recently and the full ancare review (not that kind of full! Ha Ha!) was one of the things that was lost and I'm not to driven to re-doing it but we'll see. Returning focus to Mydiapers...has anyone out there (on here/Adisc) tried them? If you have it'd be great to hear from you. bringmesunshine

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    Yes, their night time version with front taping panel are very good. Good plastic and excellent features and absorbency. I really like them, especially for the price. The old day version were total rubbish though, stay well clear of those.

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    I was just looking at those a little more closely... it appears that they have a hard shell all over, not just at the tape panel area?

    (is it just me or is there a problem right now with inline image display? I inline a remote image and it displays as a link, I inline a locally copied instance and it gives me an error)

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