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Thread: Rear plastic critical failure

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    Default Rear plastic critical failure

    Lately I've been having a problem with the rear plastic on my Abena M4s splitting down the middle seemingly randomly. Is there something that I'm doing that might be causing this, or did I just perhaps get a bad batch or such?

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    Not on the back but I had one recently that split right along the wetness indicator on the front. I checked some others in the pack and thought the wetness indicator made the plastic feel more rough. You said randomly, as in location or as in time? I wonder if your problem was the same?

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    I had a similar problem with both abena and molicare a couple of years ago and wound up switching from medium to large, even though I was within the size range of medium(38inch waist) I now have to wear a large in pretty much all diaper brands and even XL in some, the only diapers I still wear medium in are tena and dry 24/7. That may not be your problem but its worth a thought.

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    Yeah, I think it might be down to what Kenworth said. I was already on the borderline between medium and large for the Abena Abri-Forms and had been using the medium fine for a while. But now that I'm on estrogen routinely I'm getting more fat depositing in the hips than in the belly and it appears that I've outgrown the medium's hip measurement despite actually having lost a good number of pounds. So I'm going to order some larges and see how those work out.

    And @ MattyMax, randomly as in time, but the location was generally in the area of the wetness indicators. Would split wherever the buttcrack was at the time.

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    two things. First, you may be taping the lowers too tight. Second, the crotch seam in your pants (jeans?) may be abrasive there and weakening the plastic.

    First one you can fix by not taping as tight on the lowers. Second one, wear boxers over your diaper. Those usually have a much softer material down there and do a really good job at preventing splits in the back.

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    Yeah, I'm trying out the first one so that I can at least hold over under my order of L4s arrive. Otherwise though it happens most often at night while sleeping where I just wear a dress and no pants, so not really anything abrasive there causing it to look at.

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    Yep, unfortunately it's a pretty good indicator that it is time to go up a size. Can be a nasty shock when you have left a trail of diaper fluff through the house....

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperTed View Post
    Can be a nasty shock when you have left a trail of diaper fluff through the house....
    I haven't managed that in the house, but on at least two occasions I've had a diaper "suddenly become much more comfortable" while being active outside, after which I start seeing lumps of fluff on the ground.... oops!

    (the continuous back-and-forth motion of bike pedaling is really hard on diapers, you almost have to wear boxers to prevent the crotch seam in your shorts from sawing a hole in the back of your diaper)

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