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    Have you ever just sorta stepped back and went "WTF am i doing?!", yea well that sorta happened to me recently.

    So for some here we have a sexual attraction to diapers. Hence DL. Well Im not surprised that most outsiders consider us pedophiles. I can certainly say that im not but as i said i have an attraction to diapers and that is regardless of the person wearing. I dont even know anymore.
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    I haven't done that for some time, at least not related to diapers. It's not that uncommon for me to have a "that was a thing I did" moment but having had the WTF feelings before, I'd say this is quite different. My after the fact reaction is now more amused reflection at how odd people are and the myriad ways in which we find enjoyment. The diaper thing is strange but people in general are strange and this is just another weird expression.

    I also understand people leaping to the pedophile conclusion at first but it disappoints me when they cling to it in the face of further information. It's pretty simple: I'm not attracted to children, so not a pedophile.

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    I feel like Trevor on this subject. When I was young, I thought I had to be insane, but now it's more of a sense of amusement, if I think about it. Usually I'm too into it to think otherwise. I just enjoy the feeling.

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    I personally find the moments of stepping back and looking at the absurdity of what I'm doing some of the most fun parts of the whole ABDL interest. I've had a few days where I was working from home for one reason or another, especially last year when I lived on the East Coast and we had several snow days. I'm a lawyer and I was doing writing on some pretty complex cases, while sitting at home in my diaper and warm jammies with a cup of hot cocoa. The realization that I'm sitting there doing this really complex analysis while at the same time I still haven't gotten the hang of this whole potty training thing was just delicious contrast. I've done a couple voice only morning telephone calls while still diapered too and it's super fun to be talking about all this crazy stuff while I'm sitting there crinkling.

    So, yeah, some people are dumb and don't actually pay attention to facts because they substitute preconceived notions instead. All you can do is try to bang the reality into their heads until they get it or make sure they don't find out about your interests in the first place. But the self-realization of being both big and little at the same time is just way too much fun in my opinion.

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    This happens to me quite a bit too-- especially as a college-aged adult when I get done with a diapered experience (after changing out of a wet diaper, etc. or even when I'm wearing it but after I wet), I kind of take a step back and wonder what I'm doing and have a moment of disgust (where I promptly take the diaper off). But then within a couple more days/hours I just go right back to wanting them again. I think it's all just part of the attraction to them and leading a normal life at the same time-- sexual urges are kind of cyclical, which is what the diapers are for me (as best I can tell).

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    Still happens from time to time whenever I have new experiences that are far enough outside of normal. Some things have become interesting and fun oddities but less of a WTF moment, but life is all about finding new experiences, and there always seems to be some things that can be novel and weird enough to get that kind of feeling from time to time.

    More than one way to be weird! And nothing wrong with having some harmless interests that lie outside of the 'norm'.

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    I get that, if I walk by a mirror and glance at myself, I think "ugh look at you, you're a grown adult." Then I just walk away and go about my business.
    However, I've been having weird feelings about other aspects of this lifestyle such as my teddy bears. I'm more attached to the stuffed animals than I am the diapers or anything else. I am 100% dependent on them to get to sleep, I've been known to hold one while I drive on a road trip and I just can't let go. I'll take one look at him and think "Why am I doing this? My friends don't do this, I should grow up and let go a little." And I can't. On one hand it's a little embarrassing to be so attached to a stuffed animal, but on the other, it's great for regression. Not a huge deal for me, just...strange...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flutters View Post
    Have you ever just sorta stepped back and went "WTF am i doing?!", yea well that sorta happened to me recently..
    All the time! I have these feelings a lot, still. While I don't binge and purge any longer, I still do that whole meta-cognition thing and, ah, judge myself! I think I judge myself. It's weird. Who is judging who? What part of me is like "this part sucks." Lol. Our minds are full of so many opinions. It's crazy. This is why we can even debate with ourselves over things.

    For diapers, I get that. We view it from an outside perspective, and when this happens we really want to criticize ourselves. Sometimes this can be funny and just a simple sort of mental giggle. Other times it can be really hurtful. We can be our own worst enemy sometimes. When I find myself being too harsh ... on myself... what I like to do is take a big step back (again) and try to picture it in another way. Would I tear down a person who had an unusual but harmless fetish? No! I might never truly appreciate it in the same way they do, but I'd probably not really focus on that one aspect of them. I'd think about all the other reasons I liked them and put their odd fetish in the 'neutral' category. Or, I don't know, even in a good category because quirks make people more interesting.

    I do know that our fetish tends to get the most raised eyebrows, as far as legal and non-harmful fetishes go. Ah well. I don't think any of us really chose this. So we just live with it, and we can sometimes laugh at ourselves, but we shouldn't ever have to be mean to ourselves about it. No good will ever come of that because all fetishes are kind of ingrained - so all we'd do is hurt ourselves for no good reason at all. So might as well enjoy the diapers and wonder at the complicated human mind.

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    I use to do that when I way younger, long before I found out that there were others that like diapers to. I use to beat my self up thinking I was nuts. but now I don't think much of my baby things.

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    I used to have those feelings where I'd look at myself in the mirror in a diaper and think "WTF? You should not be doing this at your age!!". Nowadays, I will catch myself in a diaper and have a mental giggle at how essentially none of my friends or family would ever be able to guess that I'm still in diapers to save their own life, but as far as guilt and shame over wearing, that has disappeared for the most part.

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