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Thread: discreat website to order diapers from

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    Default discreat website to order diapers from

    there was a website i used to order abena m4 from but i forgot what website it was they were real nice and would flip the shipping box inside out so that it was just a brown box with the shipping information on it

    the website was/is very popular with the ab/dl community and the guy who ran the website/shop knew a lot of his bzness came from the ab/dl community

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    Quote Originally Posted by Technologic View Post
    Sounds like xp medical.
    lol i just came back to say lock the thread i found it after digging through my OLD post ya its xp med great website 10/10 would recommend

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    Yeah pretty much any site will have discrete shipping. In fact the only place I know that even has an option to not be discrete is Bambino and it's only on 2 models which also have a discrete option.

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    Default is also very discreet as well and has a better selection then xp medical but is slightly more expensive. Good site if you want to try new some new diapers that are not on xp medical like ATN's. Northshore also sends samples with all their orders as well which i love. :3

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    The other option (that I just ordered from) is amazon-- get it thru amazon and the return address is just amazon, not a medical supply company, etc. So if you're really paranoid about the shipping label even being discreet, that's an option too.

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    I seem to recall one or two other sellers also having the option for "discrete shipping" for cases. Basically you had to pay an extra buck or two for them to open the case, dump out the bags, cut the seam, invert the box, retape it, put the bags back in, and re-seal it. So it shipped inside-out. ABU and/or XP Medical I think it was. Mainly for Abena cases.

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    I have used XP Medical, Bambino, NorthShore Care, and and all have been discreet and I recommend.

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