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Thread: Went to the next level with my wife

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    Default Went to the next level with my wife

    I'll keep this as PG13 as possible, because it could easily get out of hand.

    Yesterday, my wife and I were having a lazy day, lounging around in footie pajamas, and I was wearing a diaper with her blessing. Until yesterday, we had a policy that the diapers came off before we fooled around. This was different. We started fooling around, and long story short, it ended with her rubbing the outside of the diaper before I took it off and we went back to normal sex.

    After the fact, she said it was "a little weird," but she did it of her own free will and I asked for permission first. In some ways, this was a dream come true. For a while, I've been trying to think of a way to bring the ABDL side into the bedroom, and I think I got my foot in the door here.

    Does anyone have any pointers from personal experiences on how to go farther with it (e.g. Getting her to wear a diaper or getting her to change mine).

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    Foreplay in diapers can be great. However, what turns you on is probably not what turns her on. Find the latter and if you can incorporate that then you've got a winning formula. I can give you personal examples, but it definitely would not be PG-13. Talk to her about her turn-ons. Women seem to want you to guess at that or somehow magically know. Anyway, what all this means is if she is pleasing you, do your best to please her.

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