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Thread: Any ideas for alternative uses for pads?

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    Arrow Any ideas for alternative uses for pads?


    I got a lot of tena lady normal and extra pads that (over 50 packs) I did get for free.
    I am a male, but that doesn't keep me from using them to keep urine drops away from clothes, though male guards does the job much better.

    The question is:
    What else fun/practical can I do with those pads?

    I am also considering giving away most of it.
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    I would just use them as boosters inside diapers. I certainly wouldn't try using them alone.

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    Too bad those are not any good as boosters.
    Any other ideas?

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    1. Place on window sill of leaky window
    2. Use to clean your bathroom (as a sponge)
    3. Under your armpits on hot days
    4. Under a leaking sink/ceiling
    5. In your car cupholders to catch condensation
    6. Under your eyes during a sad movie
    7. Put your company logo on them and give away as promo items (expecially funny if your a plumber)
    8. Donate them. Many women can't afford them and use less hygienic options.

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    I'd say donate them. There are probably several womens' shelters in your area that would love such a donation.

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