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Thread: How do you like your diapers?

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    Post How do you like your diapers?

    So I was wondering how others like their diapers. I enjoy mine wet, but I also enjoy wearing them dry for a little while. I get irritated if I need to wet as soon as I put one on. I also enjoy a messy one for a little while, but not too long.

    How does everyone else enjoy theirs? Dry for a while then wet? Wet all the time? Dirty all the time? Always dry?

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    Wet, I dont like it too thick but thin enough for me to have fun.:P

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    I love the feeling when I first put one on with lots of baby powder I also love it when its very wet and squishy. The feeling of a messy diaper is nice too, but clean up is not fun so I don't do that very often.


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    thick ( 2-3 diapers if possible), snug, wet for the most part, and messy if there is time for clean up

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    Quote Originally Posted by harris View Post
    How does everyone else enjoy theirs? Dry for a while then wet? Wet all the time? Dirty all the time? Always dry?
    It has varied over the years. At first I rather liked wet diapers, both for the warmth and how it caused the smooth plastic outer shell to get tight and slick. I actually went out in public wet somewhat regularly until I had two pretty big leaks, once at a restaurant where I soaked myself. Embarrassed I 'think' managed to leave without people noticing my wet pants.

    Today though, mostly due to greater susceptibility to rashes (I can't get the old 'Baby Magic' anymore which was the only effective rash product I've found for myself) I either go dry with tons of baby powder or go soiled.

    As I mentioned in another thread my preference if I'm going to soil them is very firm or hard stool. I rather like the feeling of it back there and enjoy sitting in soiled diapers. Hard fecal matter also has some advantages.

    One: with a combination of taking chlorophyll tablets there is far less odor.

    Two: It's also far easier to clean yourself up when your stool is hard.

    Three: There is less likelihood of the stool moving around such as up the crack of ones bottom or around the leg gathers.

    Once I'm soiled I'll stay in my diaper for hours (I don't go out in public, even with the low odor). Since the odor is mild I really don't mind it, and even find it appealing. With the baby powder I smell rather babyish. I don't know how many AB/DL's like to soil themselves in this way but if another thread on this subject is any indication I'd say only a few.

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    I love a dry diaper as much as I love a wet diaper. I like to wear a dry diaper for a while before i wet it, and I like messy ones but not all the time, only when there is enough time, and i can have fun

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    I mostly like my diapers dry or wet. I'll keep my diaper dry for a while and then I'll wet it to get that rush and feel the warmth. I've never tried messing before, i always thought it would be too much, but babibear made it sound like a lot of fun. I think i might try it sometime when i get up the courage.

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    Chopped up and in the freezer!

    Wait... wrong joke. >_<

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