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Thread: Finding my groove - Is it just me?

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    Red face Finding my groove - Is it just me?

    I've known I was an AB(DL) for as long as I can remember. I have stuffed animals and cutesy PJ's and Disney cups. To my delight, I've come to learn that enjoying childhood nostalgia things is something tons of people do, kink or no kink!

    A few years ago I bought diapers online, and I assumed I'd enjoy them. I didn't. I felt weird, awkward, secretive, and dirty. It was too much.
    A couple years passed, and I thought I'd try again. Bying diapers in my country is difficult - incontinence sufferers get them prescribed for free, so buying them outright is a little obvious (and ordering abroad is too expensive). I finally found Tena Lady Protective Underwear Plus online, and in an impulsive fit, I ordered a few.

    While I waited I scoured internet AB/DL/Kink/Ageplay/Little-forums to see what people thought of them. There's almost no mention of them anywhere, and having tried them out, I'm confused. They're cute(ish), well made, don't sag, a little bulky (not too much), the cloth feel is comfy, and so far they haven't leaked on me at all. I found something I truly like, and it's awesome!

    All I could find online were DLs recommending diapers instead, so I wanted to ask; Am I the only one who feels like this whole diaper/baby bottle/pacifier/onesie-thing can be a bit "much" sometimes - however much I like them in theory?

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    Of course you can sometimes have too much of ANYTHING. The dose makes the poison. Honey is all sweet, and stuff, even healthy to consume. But if you eat too much, you'll puke eventually.
    Vitamins are a thing that your body needs. Being short of them makes you sick, too much makes you sick either. The whole life is a journey of finding balance. If some AB stuff is too much for you, there's no point in not listening to that inner voice. When somebody says you don't wear "real" diapers, thats THEIR opinion and doesn't necessarily has to apply to you.
    Just do what you feel safe with. By the way thats the whole point about being an AB/Little. Don't we pursue this lifestyle to make ourselfes feel better? Don't overdo it, because it will defeat the purpose.

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    I definitely agree that you should find your own groove. This ought to be a unique individual experience for everyone. For me, the baby paraphernalia is about helping to dissociate from my adultness which completely conflicts with the way I feel when I regress. The more things that 'feel' correct, the less awkward it seems. Feeling different on the inside to what appears outside can be quite upsetting...its a bit like dysphoria I guess. So for me, the 'stuff' is important, it helps the journey, but isn't an essential component....that is, it's not responsible for my regressive tendency, that happens regardless. Go with what makes you a happy person.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ozbub View Post
    Feeling different on the inside to what appears outside can be quite upsetting...
    Hell yes take that literally. Thats why I recently started to experiment with nail color. I'm no sissy or something along that route, but I have that urge to be colorful on the outside, so I swept aside all concerns and just did it. Some might now say since I painted my nails, I am now not a little anymore but a sissy, a gay (for the more narrow minded ones) or wannabe transgender. NO, I am who I am. Mostly hetero, still my little self and happily married to a woman. And I still like nappies and don't crossdress.

    All I want is to feel good and I can achieve that by showing on the outside what I look like on the inside. Colored nails are just a logical extension of my new wardrobe. Nobody has to accept being stuffed into a drawer. If you don't feel comfortable with something, don't do it. This is about your own lifestlye. YOU are the important part on this topic.

    Sure people tend to compare themselves to others, find similarities and create groups. Thats why there are such wonderful places as ADisc. However that doesn't mean that you have to give up being yourself.

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    We do this to suit ourselves. I haven't tried the product you mentioned and it doesn't sound appealing to me at all. That's of zero importance if it suits you. You find what you want to fulfill your unique urges and enjoy it all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trevor View Post
    We do this to suit ourselves. I haven't tried the product you mentioned and it doesn't sound appealing to me at all. That's of zero importance if it suits you. You find what you want to fulfill your unique urges and enjoy it all.
    Quoting to emphasize this point. There is no right way or wrong way to enjoy ABDL things. We wear diapers or buy Disney things or whatever else we do because it makes us feel happy. And of course that's going to vary by the person. I like a super thick diaper with a baby print on it. I can't tell you why, but I know for sure that the feeling of the thickness between my legs is just the best thing in the world...for me. If you like the Tenas that you bought because of their feel and function, that's awesome and I'm really glad that you found something you like. It really doesn't matter if that's the ideal product for anyone else (though if you happen to notice they're not selling well as a general trend, I might recommend stocking up lest they get discontinued).

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    I've had the experience of going years thinking I was into something, then when I finally got the chance to try it irl it just felt the ways you described above. The imagination is unlimited, especially when it comes to imagining pleasure, so the feelings we get when fantasizing about certain things is very unlikely the same feeling we'll get when it happens for real. And I TOTALLY get what you mean about things being a bit much sometimes. I personally am more of a DL than an AB just due to the fact that the things I enjoy about the latter completely outweigh the things I find uncomfortable. That's not to say that I don't enjoy the things I like any less, you just have to find what's right for you. Everyone feels little in their own way, I've found.

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