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    I saw an episode of the smurfs the other day. IT made me think about the good Ol cartoons I used to watch when I was a kid. Anyone else remember Ahhhhh....Real Monsters, and Doug or Rocco's Modern life?

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    I remember all those shows! Like that guy that had to hold his eyes in ahh real monasers. And like skeeter from doug. I still watch rockos modern life! It is on some nickelodeon Chanel in the hundreds every morning. Best show ever.

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    Old cartoons... I like them.
    I remember watching Little Pollon, Prince Valiant, Robin Hood, and other cartoons.
    now they aren't broad casted on TV, so i can only listen their opening theme

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    Man to many shows to list I remeber everything that Nick and Cartoon Network used to show back in the 90's that stuff was really good and some stuff in the early 2000's but alot of the stuff today just sucks.

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    Remember when Sesame Street had not been commercialized yet... and it was cool and entertaining... And at times psychedelic, and no more so than the pinball sequence??

    I am showing my age... this is the stuff I grew up with Rocket Robin Hood... Made in Canada! '67-'69... This is what you parents watched in grade school (if they were lucky!)

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    My vivid memories are of Care Bears, My Little Pony, Muppet Babies which was a baby cartoon of the Muppets of course I loved the Muppets! I watched these shows til I was 12! My friends thought I was really strange.

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    Avery and Raccoon, you must have posted those b&w vids for me! Those are some of the cartoons I grew up with in the '50s. Some were so old, even then, that the characters didn't even talk. They just made squeaky sounds at each other. But, by their gestures, facial expressions, and tone of their squeaky sounds you knew pretty much what they were saying.

    Here's a few I remember watching from mid-50s to early 60s:

    Heckle & Jeckle (they were two magpies always getting into mischief)
    Looney Tones (they've been around forever LOL)
    Mickey Mouse and other Walt Disney cartoon characters
    Woody Woodpecker
    Quick Draw Mcgraw
    Top Cat
    Beanie & Cecil
    Flintstones (first aired on Friday evenings at 8:30pm and geared more for an adult audience)
    Yogi Bear
    Astro Boy (early Japanese anime first aired around the 1960 to 1962 period, and had nearly identical characters as the newer version from what I remember)

    Always looked forward to Saturday morning to watch 'toons!


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