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Thread: List of AB/DL Diaper sites with products for sale.

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    Default List of AB/DL Diaper sites with products for sale.

    I don't see any stickies or any good existing topics(If there are sorry!)
    But I want to try an adult sized diaper with some sort of baby theme on it.

    I've been browsing these sites for a while, unfortunately I don't remember many of them and I don't keep a browsing history. In fact there was one on the diaper reviews section, I don't see it any longer - It was a really nice one that I wanted to order but I had'nt done it, It was a really cheap one for what it was I think around $1.50 for one and had prints; it was on there a month or two ago.

    I'd like to make a list so that I can shop around for what I'm looking for, the better the options I have the more likely I'd get around to ordering.
    I just want websites that have some sort of AB/DL Diapers for sale somewhere on their site and ship to the US.

    I've compiled the list below so far, if any one has any more to contribute to the list to help me, please do so. now
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    Default has some nice diapers as well, though I typically order them on ebay.

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    I've used Snuggies, Rearz & pacifiers from Aww So Cute. Wish I were ordering from Rearz again. Can't wait to try those footprints.

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