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    Sooo I met a daddy who lives alllll the way across the big pond! America! And im in england... Succccksssssssss. :P. What can me and daddy do over simple texts, KIK. Any games or roleplaying games? Anything you guys do that helps meet you're baby needs? I am 1 year old according to daddy :3 Lately our conversations seem repeated.

    What do you guys do to make it work? Or would do to make it work

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    You have to have a good imagination. I guess setting some parameters is important like personalities, preferences etc. I agree it can get a bit repetitive, having done this before, but a bit of planning and a lot of imagination helps. Does he have a good sense of your environment? That can help with his long distance daddying.

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    Make sure that you're able to communicate and connect outside of roleplay so that you can build up a level of trust with him as a person, not just him as a daddy. Also, while roleplaying through text can be really easy and free up the imagination, I'd suggest having some Skype time as well, maybe without video at first, but working up to that eventually. Not only does that make your sessions more personal, but it makes things less awkward when you finally get the chance to meet in person. If the conversations are becoming repetitive, don't try to force it: talk about whatever comes to mind, if only for the bonding that conversation can bring. If you have something you'd specifically want to talk about, go ahead with that, otherwise just small talk to continually get to know each other.

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