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Thread: Septoplasty (Procedure & recovery)

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    So, a while back my doctor noticed that my septum was deviated slightly and suggested I have the procedure to have it reset. After thinking about it and hearing some people tell me they wish they hadn't bothered; I passed on getting it done at the time. Fast forward about a year and now its gotten worse. So much so that it can cause me to wakeup every couple of hours or just plain not be able to breathe through that nostril at all which makes getting sleep an absolute chore.

    What I am looking for is: (For those who have had it done. From what I read its a fairly common procedure)

    - Was there much pain in the days following? Say immediately following and a few there after.

    - How long was recovery? I know you cant exert yourself right afterwards, but in terms of length of time say off of work. Id have to deal with my employer who is less then accommodating for time off for things -_- (Medical reason yes, but still the type of person who would make a scene about it)

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    Mt brother and mother-in-law had this done. They had pain after words, but did get pain killers for it. As far as I can remember their nose was sore for a while but they where not incapacitated for very long with it.

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