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Thread: your girly name

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    Default your girly name

    The title says it all what's your girly name? Mine is aisha and what do you do in girly mode? Me i like to relax smoke and let all my problems go away

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    Lilly :3 mostly watch tinkerbell. And I agree on the last part! I do the same!

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    Denise and I just do whatever I normally need to do at home.

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    I don't have a girly name. Same as Denise, I do whatever. And my boy name is very clearly male. Tbh, I was thinking about a girly name, but I always came to the conclusion that then it would be a different person, and I don't feel like that. Rather than having a boy time and girl time, I feel like I'm both / none / something in between all the time. I'm still not sure about this.

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    I don't really know if it's my girly name or not, but if I play games as a girl, I generally use the name Jessie.

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    I am not TG or TS and only rarely TV but some how twice in my life a female name has been out on me by family, friends or acquaintances that each took a long time to shake off. I can't give the full name phrase but Wilma in my preteens & Alice in my early 20s were both unwelcome applied girly names.

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    I am a girl, but I suppose I do technically have a thing where when I am feeling rather "princess" I like to be called my middle name rather then my first, Arietta.

    Arietta just seems like such a princess sort of name, feminine and beautiful the ear. I even called myself that on this forum for a while.

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    Much like Nam Repaid, I am not TG or TS, though I dressed quite a bit as a teenager and the name Tina was the one used (mom suggested it should be that since it would have been my name if I had been born a girl).

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