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Thread: "Cloth-like" disposables

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    Default "Cloth-like" disposables

    In my view, it's unfortunate that these have been displacing the traditional plastic backed diapers. The whole idea of the cloth-like outer covering breathing better seems such a myth.

    First, they still have a layer of plastic behind the papery cloth-like outer covering. This makes sense though, as there would have to be something to stop pee from escaping. So I think the purpose of the cloth-like covering is to reduce noise and to allow a thinner sheet of plastic to be used, where the outer covering helps to protect it from being torn.

    Otherwise, I don't see many functional advantages, but several drawbacks. One is that the outer covering tends to wick moisture where it's not wanted, even when the diaper has more capacity to use. The velcro-like fasteners tend to get full of fiber strands from the outer covering, and eventually don't hold as well. So, they're not really as refastenable as claimed. And some of these brands still use tapes, which are a poorer choice because they aren't that refastenable, even with the split taping system widely used among the European designs. A well designed plastic-backed diaper with quality tapes holds much better, and can be refastened many times.

    I've tried the Attends Extended Wear and the Abena AirPlus, both of which had at least one of the aforementioned issues, and didn't breathe any better, because that inner plastic still tends to trap heat compared to regular underwear. So, I think the breatheability is more of a perception than a reality. Even in the summer time, if I'm going be in a disposable diaper, I'd rather have the real thing.

    I don't even mind the sensation most of the time, as I'm used to it, and regard it as part of the fun experience of wearing diapers. The cloth-backed diapers do have their place, as they are good for stealth wearing. If I had to wear diapers for real, I'd probably have both types for flexibility but would lean toward the plastic ones most of the time. I sure hope a few good ones will always be around.

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    the breatheability is just a load of rubbish; what the outer layer actually does is prevent sticking to the skin on the inner thigh, as a standard plastic outer does. and considering the increased absorbancy of these higer spec diapers, the fastening system is wholly inadequate to cope with the weight thereby requiring the wearing of a supportive garment. even on toddlers this sytem doesn't work and they end up toddling about with their underwear hanging off their arses like pot-bellied, scruffy drunkards.

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    Makes you wonder if the corporate-heads actually do any product testing themselves.

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    As much as I feel the cloth backed ones are less enjoyable, they are easier to refasten then most of the plastic backed varieties. Sometimes I am only able to wear and not use the diaper so it is nice to be able to put it back on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lukie View Post
    Makes you wonder if the corporate-heads actually do any product testing themselves.
    If they did their companies would manufacture much higher quality diapers.

    I have to agree that plastic is better, especially in high end diapers with lots of absorbancy since it provides better containment. When ever I wear in public I always use a cloth like diaper because they are always quieter, even when you wear tight underwear.

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    I agree, when I went shopping, i could not find any ones that are plastic backed

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    i actually like the cloth backed ones better,as they where readily available when i went to buy some - so I'm used to them - so i'd rather have cloth backed diapers. but if i find that special girl who accepts my special TB gift, than she could treat me like a baby with plastic backing.

    honestly guys i don't see the difference as as having plastic backed diapers have no difference in performance (from my view), and the plastic backed ones ar not more babyish,as most babies these days are wearing - cloth backed - disposables..

    so the plastic backed ones really arn't more babyish at all,but if your thaught differ, than suit yourself.

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    I wore plastic-backed disposables when I was little, but I can't remember them very well.

    All I've tried recently is cloth-backed, which I'm fine with except for one thing.
    They tend to "sweat". I don't know if plastic-backed diapers do this, but I would think if they would they would to a much lesser degree, since the plastic is stronger.

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    I have tried a few cloth-backed disposables... I find that with them I can't get nearly as snug of a fit as I can with plastic ones. The real tapes just seem to hold better than velcro knockoffs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkfinn View Post
    I have tried a few cloth-backed disposables... I find that with them I can't get nearly as snug of a fit as I can with plastic ones. The real tapes just seem to hold better than velcro knockoffs.
    Well in am on the other side of the fence then my wetter half here. I love the Cloth likes for day time use. No they are not ideal for night time, but when I am going out with people or just to work Cloth-like is a great plus. I know Guys do not have to worry about it as much but those of us that are girls have to wear close fitting clothing, Cloth-likes are trimmmer, and less knoted. They also are more easly mistaked for underwear and have less sound.

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