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    I see there was a post about Prevail two years ago. Has anyone else tried them? Are they any good? They look comfy. It seems they are available at medical supply stores locally.

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    I've tried some. They were much better than other diapers of similar cost. They're nothing compared to the likes of dry 24/7's, but they are the best non-premium diaper I've used.

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    Were you looking at the pullups or the fitted briefs?? (Prevail)

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    Prevail PM extended wear are good but many of the others are not so good.

    Some places like K-Mart sell prevail but not the PM extended wear. and will not even order them.

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    Prevail pullups are the same exact product as almost all store-brand pullups. I've gotten them at K-Mart, which does not have their own store brand adult diaper, and both men's and women's are the same as Target's UP&UP and Walgreens' Certainty. I don't mind them but they're not a premium product by any means.

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    I agree with tg4selfcheckout. A few years ago, I had some Prevail PM extended wear and they seemed identical to the cloth backed store brand briefs I bought at Walgreens. They were disappointing, didn't have much capacity, leaked, and sagged very badly.

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    Preveil breezers are better

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    I found a pack of prevail pullups in goodwill about a year ago. I personally didn't like them. They felt very uncomfortable and leaked very easily. If they are a medical grade version that you are looking at though it may be different from the prevails you find in the stores. I'd recommend proceeding with caution.

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