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Thread: Weird shadowy figure. FREAKING THE HELL OUT!!!

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    Default Weird shadowy figure. FREAKING THE HELL OUT!!!

    I've always been a bit weird as a kid, that being said, this morning I have no idea what happened to me I know it's probably just my imagination but I'm stilled scared shitless
    when I was a kid I used to see things It could be something as simple as something as the light around something being a little brighter or a situation where the subject change completely from one of anger to just a bunch of kids talking it out. when I got a bit older(near 11) I started researching what would be considered the Occult or spirituality in other cultures as well as basic subjects such as math, social structures and other things that interest me at the time.
    Eventually the more I studied this the more it became an obsession an my mom, she thought I was going crazy with the things I was saying. so eventually I went to a bunch of shrinks, psychiatrist, and doctors and they couldn't find anything wrong with me. my mom even went so far as to put cameras in my room just to monitor me.We got to the point when I just decided to keep what I said to myself. but the out of no where I started seeing strange shadows on second they would be there the it would be gone. The would be in an area the was shadow but had nothing around it to suggest anything moving. the more paid attention to it the more I started seeing them the didn't really seem hostile but I really couldn't tell what they were eventually it got to a point where I saw it in a physical form it didn't look like anything that could be explained by just saying it was tall. it kind of looked like it was flat and had white eyes. I tried talking to one but got nothing and eventually I just started to get bored and ignored them and stop seeing them altogether . but today as soon as I wake up I see one and it actually sound like it's talking but like theirs static surrounding what it's saying. the only words I could make out were Time, pressure and Kundalini, then it just disappears.

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    If this is the first instance in a long time, I would blame sleep paralysis; a sort of mix between dreaming and waking up.
    Maybe your body was dreaming about the figures you saw and wasn't finished when you woke up.

    It is often accompanied by terrifying hallucinations (such as an intruder in the room) to which one is unable to react due to paralysis

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    No when I was awake I was ale to move freely I can still remember getting out of the bed and trying to look at the thing entirely.

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    This is the perfect thread to read late at night right before going to sleep...

    On a side note: your avatar fits the title pretty well!

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    thanks ( I think) I'm still trying to figure out what I saw maybe I'll draw a picture if I can completely remember it

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    That's kinda cool, if not slightly terrifying.

    All I know is when I wake up in the morning, I'm extremely groggy. If I saw a demon in that state, I'd probably ask it to hold my coat while I got dressed or something

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    I had a night time visitor when I was a little kid. I'd wake up and he'd be grabbing my foot and then I'd scream for my parents. This went on for more than a year. Our daughter had night terrors. Usually, kids outgrow them. But when I was in high school, my parents moved across town into an older house, one along the river. My bedroom was the attic, and late at night I'd hear tapping that would start at one end of the attic and eventually end right next to my bed. There were closets made out of the eves of the roof. There were four dormer windows, and a wall and a door which divided the two rooms, one being my bedroom and the other turned into a television room.

    One day in the summer, I was sitting downstairs in the living room with my parents, and it sounded like every window (there were six) violently exploded, the sound of shattering glass being almost deafening. My dad and I ran upstairs only to find the windows in tact, no broken glass anywhere.

    When I went to college, I told my roommate, also my SO about our house and he wanted to experience it as he has ESP abilities. He brought a Ouija board and we played the silly game, asking if a spirit was there, only there was and it materialized right in front of us. It appeared in the doorway and floated forward, passing through my left side and all of him. It turned right an disappeared into a wall, one of the many short closets. Where it passed through us, we felt cold.

    This thing was full figured and appeared to be a man, but inside it, you could see the outline of a skeleton. He and I both saw the same thing and described the same thing to each other, both of us having seen the same details. It was like a white mist, but clearly a man, and it felt evil. We were both scared for months and I had great trouble sleeping in that room. Eventually I imagined filling the room up with light, lighting candles in my mind.

    So who knows what you may be seeing. You may be mildly schizophrenic or Borderline Personality disorder, or you may be a "sensitive" which I am. Good luck.

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    If you don't mind me asking have you ever seen a certain kind of light, Often being strangely light around a particular area and you feeling the need to go there or near it

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    Quote Originally Posted by tai View Post
    If you don't mind me asking have you ever seen a certain kind of light, Often being strangely light around a particular area and you feeling the need to go there or near it
    Not that I can recall, but balls of light are considered paranormal entities. Are you seeing something like that? They've been well documented in film. I enjoy watching "Taps" on Syfi and they've caught a lot of paranormal activities on film and audio. It's believed that an entity from the other side will use energy in our world to materialize. Often that energy comes from us, and that's why we feel fear, though I think there are other reasons for fear. This thing that my friend and I called forth didn't come from a happy place.

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    The light I've seen can sometimes be seen around a person and in nearly every it was around kids they were always arguing and then by some miraculous coincidence within a few minutes they would be talking it out and then laughing I've seen it in adults also but they tend to only calm down for a moment. the other times I've seen it were when they were leading me places.

    ex. where I live there are multiple ways to get home I tell my mom to go in the directing the light was shining . later on that day we were watching the news and there had been an accident on almost all other roads except where we went.

    as for the thing that appeared before me something that didn't even look like it should exist. it looked like it had substance but at the same time it look flat it had no eyes just two white orbs where they should .

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