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Thread: Status of plastic Molicares?

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    Default Status of plastic Molicares?

    Does anyone know what the status of the plastic backed Molicare diapers? I have heard rumors of them going changing in the past, and they were false. I checked the Rearz website this morning and it says they are being discontinued. Does anyone know the official word?


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    You might want to contact Matt from NorthShore and ask him. He's on the forums here some. Not sure if he'll see this post or not. Might send him an email or a PM.

    Last I'd heard (and this was a year ago), they'd opened a factory to continue making the plastic backed ones for the American market. They were going to switch to cloth backed in the European market. I'm not sure if that's what happened or not.

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    Hartmann has stopped producing the Super Plus completely now. I think there are a few people in the states still with stock but no where in the UK or on the Continent has stock anymore.

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    so what your telling me is people who wear size small are now even more screwed........... .

    I don't want to believe this until I get actually documentation. I remember in the past molicare said they would never get rid of their plastic backed diapers.

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    There were rumors about a year ago that they were going to discontinue the plastic-backed super-plus (apparently they've been wanting to for quite some time) and did in fact discontinue its production in Europe but I believe they have still been producing it for the American market, unless things have changed very recently, which is entirely possible. I hope not though.

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