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Thread: ABU Space Diaper Review

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    These are the best things ever, I could live to see an overhaul of the design, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RainbowDash728 View Post
    So? It holds more?
    The "Space Product" (they're not even labeled as "briefs" or "diapers" on the package, just the word "Space") has the same capacity as the Little Paws diapers, and the ABU "Simple product" (the "Simple Product" again, is not labeled as either a diaper or "brief" on the package). The case of "Space Product" I purchased was of excellent quality control, with each unit (again, not labeled as a "brief" for "diaper") having the same consistency. Not a single one of them was defective. Overall, I would say that the "Space Product" is FUGLY. But it works, and I mean it works DAMN good! That's all that matters if you have a CRITICAL need, and can somehow hide, stand or deal with the looks of this "item". If you can't get to a restroom because you're stuck in a meeting and can't leave, then this "thing" will SAVE YOUR BACON like one of those awful survival suits on a lobster boat.

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