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    Hi everyone!

    I'm new here. I'm a silly little diaper boy/little bro, been wearing on and off since I was 16 and just recently got back into diapers after a TWO YEAR break! I'm much happier now that I'm safely padded again, and I want to make everything about ABDL a much bigger part of my life - so signing up here is part of that, yay!

    I'm currently on vacation in the SF Bay Area, but am somewhat more permanently established in Sydney, with plans to move down to Melbourne next year. Originally from Perth, though! I get around :P

    Really hope I fit in here and make lots of like-minded friends! Say hi and/or pester me to hang out if you think we might be in the same place sometime

    Lots of hugs,

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    Hey Tas! Welcome to Adisc!

    Wow, a two year break, I'd have never made it! California is a great place to be on vacation, I've been around Los Angeles for a few months this year! When will I be seeing you over here in Italy?

    Lots of hugs to you too!

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    yah 2 years without diapers I've never been able to do it neater. well come to the site

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    hi man and welcome to the site and I hope you can make some friends. so tell us what do you like to do other than wearing diapers.

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    Hi Tas! You sound like a really friendly, level headed guy. You happen to be vacationing in my Fav city, so good choice. I'm always curious what got people interested in diapers - I mean, what a bizarre and silly thing. Do you have other babyish stuff? Have you told anyone, or is it a huge secret? And finally - not diaper related - what's life like in Australia? Would love to go there one day.

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    Wow, thanks for all the friendly greetings!

    What got me into diapers? I suspect I've always been into them. I remember being fascinated by age regression stories in cartoons and the like when I was really little, and distinctly remember my little sister and I getting into a box of disposables left over from when she was younger one day when I was about five or six. They still fit her but I was too big - I was SO jealous! Then I never really thought about it again until I was sixteen, I was poking through naughty furry art and I stumbled across a certain short comic by CargoWeasel that re-ignited my fascination! I sort of wrote it off as a weird taste in porn without ever really thinking that it was something you could actually DO... Then I wound up chatting with Cargo himself, after his mate Axiom put us in touch, and it was all downhill from there! He made the very wise suggestion that if I was gunna buy a carton of my own diapers I should go with Abenas, so I did, and have never looked back - they're my brand of choice to this day! So I'd say Cargo is directly responsible for this.

    I was never really into the AB side of things at first - in fact, as a teenager I was quite angsty about being into diapers at all, and thought that, y'know, at least I wasn't one of those adult baby people who talk funny and draw in colouring books and stuff - they're the ones who REALLY have a problem... But, it crept in, I bought myself a teddy bear when I was 18 and cuddled him every night until I was 23. When I moved out of my Dad's house and into shared housing - provided by the hospital where I got my first job after college - it was with a bunch of other nurses, who could probably spot a carton of Abenas being delivered from a mile away (they are the adult diaper used by the majority of hospitals in Australia) and who knew EXACTLY what a wet diaper smelled like. Hence why I haven't been padded for the past two years!

    I'm lucky enough to have a friend here in San Francisco who made sure that there was a carton of my favorite diapers waiting for me when my plane landed, and... For whatever reason, my AB side has really taken over in the two year break! The first time I put one on, my friend was there (I made him stand in the corner and face the wall because I'm shy about how chubby I am!) I instantly felt VERY little and VERY vulnerable and needed lots of hugs from him before he went home... That was my first time being diapered around another person (who knew about my diaper, anyway) and there have been more first times since then! In the past week I've had my first time being changed by someone else and my first orgasm in a diaper with someone else! I've even started talking a little bit silly when I'm in the right head space...

    I haven't told any of my friends or family about my ABDL side. I've told a few people who I had sexual relationships with... It was no big deal 'coming out' to them, but none of them were interested in it. I always used to think that it would get in the way of me finding a normal boyfriend - now that I'm back in diapers and my need for diapers is stronger than ever, I don't think I could even seriously date a guy who didn't have an ABDL side too! It's obvious to me now that this is a huge part of me, and not something I can hide away!

    Finally, life in Australia? Having finally seen the US I'd say it's nothing special. There is a lot more freedom here than back home, there's more diversity, people are less afraid of being different. Plus the food is better! On a less superficial level, though, Australia's healthcare and education systems got me to where I am today - my parents simply don't have enough money that I could have afforded the illnesses I have had, or to go to college, if we had lived here... So it's a give and take scenario! If you just want to visit, though, you absolutely should! We have lots of awesome little animals you won't see anywhere else and the countryside is AMAZING. Also, since our money is worth NOTHING compared to the US dollar right now, you could get everything really cheap! :P

    Oh, and I'd love to visit Italy, actually! Especially if I had a friend who could make sure there were diapers waiting ;P

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    Tas, that is quite a story. Thank you for all the interesting detail. Sounds like you have come a long way since those first days of shamefully putting on a diaper. Speaking of cartoons, I remember when I was a kid there was a cartoon here in the U.S. called Tom and Jerry (a maniacal cat obsessed with beating and killing a mouse). Tom, the cat, dresses as a baby (including a diaper) to have a better chance at getting Jerry, the mouse. I remember that really struck a nerve with me.

    Abena, what an excellent diaper! I love them too. Currently I am wearing the Northshore brand diaper as well as the Bambino Belliissimo. I'm not too babyish, but think of myself more as a toddler/pre-schooler in my interests. I have Paw Patrol bedsheets and plushies, several footed PJs, and a pacifier. Bummer about you not having enough privacy to order and wear diapers. Any chance you will get your own place soon?

    I'm curious by your avatar - do you also happen to be a babyfur? I am, though it is a very recent interest of mine. I think the art is super cute, and there is a rather large Furry fandom out there, and I have made several friends online. If you are interested I can tell you more about it.

    Yeah, finding a partner to share my ABDL side is also a priority for me. Like you, I don't think I could ignore this part of myself, and would need to share with a significant other. It just makes it harder to find the right person, though.

    I hope we can be online friends. Hope to hear back from you.
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    Yeah, I guess I am a babyfur... I have been into furry for longer than I have known I am an ABDL - I'm mostly into it for the art, and occasionally the people, as well - I find a lot of the community at large hard to take at times!

    Would be cool to be friends!
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    So, when you get back home, any chance you will get your own place in the near future so you can wear diapers? Do you actually share an apartment with someone, or just live in close proximity to the other nurses? If you have your own place, you could still figure out a way to smuggle diapers into your apartment, then wear and dispose of them discretely. Just trying to come up with ideas.

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    There's a small chance I might move in with another ABDL next year some time - but yeah, for now I am sharing a house and can't really risk it!

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