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Thread: Molicare SuperPlus Leaking?

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    Default Molicare SuperPlus Leaking?

    So a few nights ago I was sleeping in a molicare and I vaguely remember wetting ... at some time later in the night I woke up in a wet bed (definitly not something I wanted)! The thing that really sucked is that it looks like the diaper caught near nothing - it was only wet on the outside (real useful). I was on my stomach when I wet.
    Did I get a bad one? Or is there something I should be doing to avoid catastrophic leaks in this situation?

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    Were you by chance 'pointing up'? It's not uncommon for the urine to shoot out the top of the diaper in this case. I'm also assuming it was a Molicare Super Plus which is plastic backed. Some of the new ones are cloth-like which get a bad batch once in a while which seeps through (generalization, not specifically Molicare).

    Either way, fate sometimes just plays a bad hand and wet sheets are inevitable at some point. It's why mattress protectors are so important especially as a DL.

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