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Thread: I may leave but I will return.

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    Arrow I may leave but I will return.

    Hello, me again. Well in case you were wondering were I was yesterday, my phone has been taken away, due to me beaing too obsessed with it, and allowing things to effect my life that shouldn't, still It does get too much, because I have been using this site, my fantasies, and my phone too much as an escape, from real life and I know I shouldn't, and also yesterday I got withdrawal symptoms from my phone, also I know that my fantasies and my phone are not wrong, but it's what I have been allowing to do that's wrong, I came here to learn not to let this effect my life, I feel the opposite happened, still I am learning how not too, and I feel you guys are awesome!!! and I know my life is getting out of hand, and maybe I just need a break to figure things out, and get my grades up. I'm not quitting by any means, Its just things are getting out of hand and I may need a break for a bit, but don't worry, because I will be back, Its just I need to figure things out, and get my phone back, and get my college grades up, before I do, oh and one more thing, yes I do have a sense of humor, but I also have a very seaours side, and also if I offended any of you I want to apologize, also I will be back.

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    Take some time to get everything in order. We'll see you soon, when you get back

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    Whoa dude, I just dropped in to find you dropping out. Don't be gone too long.

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    Getting real life in order isn't a bad thing... Hope it goes well for you. See ya soon.

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    Best of luck on grades, and technology-detox. You certainly shouldn't let your grades suffer if you are letting yourself get overly distracted, probably a good move to change focus for a while.

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    I'm sure if I was in college I'd would have very little time to be on this site. You gotta do what you gotta do.

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    Good luck with your grades, and hope you return here soon!

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    Come back & visit us soon, KittyninjaW. All the very best with everything Take Good Care Of Yourself

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    it always a good thing to step back form thing that take to much of your time up, and take a breath of fresh air to set your priories strait.
    so I know we will see you in a while, so have a nice long breck.

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