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Thread: Where have you been?

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    Default Where have you been?

    I have an idea... I was going through my friends list and saw where some of them haven't been here in awhile. Rather than delete them as a friend (which I did before) I posted on their message space to check in on them and thought that would be a good idea for everyone to do! So look at your friends list and look at their profile page. If you see their last post was more than say three months ago, post a message! Let them know that we are a caring community and miss them. Maybe they are busy with school, found a SO or maybe just forgot about us. Let them know we're still here for them!

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    I've often thought I should do this. There are so many that I miss.

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    After finally finding time to come back here, amongst other reasons.. I feel like there is a drop in traffic in this forum since around the time I joined, any one noticed that too?

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    It's on and off. Sometimes there's the busy summer months when youngsters are out of school. There seems to be "dog days" when the weather is nice such as spring and summer. Look for more in the weeks to come as winter approaches and people cuddle up inside with their computers.

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    I am on here often, most of the time topics I make are super slow if they get posts at all, or I've replied to everything resent.

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    I am very on and off, and seems to do with the binge and purge cycle of my desires. I can easily go months without having the urge to wear, and that impacts my activity here. But it's nice that, when I am on that kick, to be able to come back and know this is here.

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